Suvudu Cage Match 2010

They’re running brackets over at on fantasy character head-to-heads. They have Jaime Lannister fighting Hermione…

My prediction for the finals is Aslan vs. Cthulhu.

lol, that’s great. I misread the round 1 match for Aslan as “Aragorn,” which I thought was pretty funny, but it’s actually Aslan vs. Eragon which is hilarious.

What? Vlad Taltos using a throwing dagger for a hit? I call shenanigans!

They should’ve had Gregor Clegane vs Hermione, instead.

Cthulhu vs Lyra Belacqua is funny, in that “most completely lopsided matchup”, way.

Elric vs Cthulhu would be an interesting fight, perhaps.

Messy results, that one. Messy, statutory, necrophiliac results.