SVCD wont' play

Ok, I just downloaded a file with an mpg file extension, and it has SVCD in the name. The video portion of the file won’t play. Typically this is a codec problem, but how do you know what codec you need? I have the latest DivX codec, which I suspect this is because it’s a feature length movie but it’s less than 800 mb. I am also a little surprised because just trying to play this video crashed WMP and explorer.

Can anyone offer any suggestions about how to go about troubleshooting any of this?

Have you tried other players, such as the one that comes with the Divx codec?

  • Alan

Good idea, but it didn’t work. I get the same as with wmp (sound, no video), except no crash.

try using Power DVD… I’ve had a couple of movies that have done this and both were SVCD. Other than that, maybe burn it to CD and try it in your DVD player.

Use g-spot to find out what codecs are used by the file.

You could also take a look at this guide to fix any faulty codecs you might have installed.

If it’s an actual SVCD file, then it’s MPEG2 (same as DVD). You just need to have MPEG2 decoder installed and you’ll be good.

what guido said.

SVCD files are usually played with a dvd player program (powerdvd, etc), or burned to CD-R for playback in standalone DVD players.

Ah, sweet. That’s the ticket: a software dvd decoder that works with files, like WinDVD.

Thanks for the utility pieter. Didn’t know about it and I’m sure that’s going to be useful somewhere down the line.