SW: Empire At War--How representative is the demo of the game itself?

I’m playing through the demo, and I’m liking this…but we’ve all played too many games where the full game experience was nothing like the demo’s.

Is that the case here, or if I like the demo is it a pretty darn good guess I’ll like the full game?

The full game is considerably better.

I concur, the full game shows much more flavor than the demo. But that really didn’t surprise anyone. Demos are there to test to see if you are even interested in the source materical. If you are, you might give it a shot. But they aren’t going to give the baby with the bath water here. It’s a great game. If you like SW, pick it up. It’ll take you back…

ELAAAABORATION~~! (La la) It’s the name of the game!

The demo only gives you a very small, very limited look at how the Galactic Map stuff plays, and that’s really the heart of the game (despite the fact that so many of the screenshots out there depict the battles). Going from the demo to the full game, I was surprised by how different the Galactic Map gameplay was from my expectations. If you go back to the demo thread here after playing the full game, it’s funny to see how off-base most of the speculation is.

The small Galactic Conquest scenario in the demo only includes three systems, connected in a line, and with no AI, so it doesn’t give you a feel for the strategy. In the full game, Galactic Conquest is largely about trying to balance expansion with the defense of your borders, which can be really tricky in some of the scenarios. The demo also gives you no feel for how planetary development works. In the full game, what you build and where you build it plays a huge role in your strategy, but that’s not the case in the demo because there’s only one system you can build things on, and no AI.

The demo also gives only the most superficial taste of the battle stuff. The tutorial maps (which comprise most of the demo) are not at all representative of how the battles play in the actual game. Even the battles in the 3-planet GC scenario are pretty weak–especially the space battle, in which you fight (IIRC) an Acclamator, a Tartan, and a level 1 space station (or something like that). I don’t think I’ve ever fought a battle that small, with such a limited array of units, in the full game. The Tatooine battle is a little better, but forcing you to go up against AT-ATs without T4-Bs or Speeders is just cruel.