SWAT 4 announced :)

Irrational hasn’t “tweaked” the Unreal engine - they have re-written major portions of it.

As Adam says, it’s certainly not a new engine, but it’s about as divergent from Unreal at this point as the original half life was from the quake engine it started as. epic provides great support and technology, we just wanted to go off in a certain directions from what they were supporting at the time.

Some of the enhancments in the Vengeance Engine are:

  • bump mapped characters and scenery and bump light mapping
  • a full screen HDR glow effect
  • pixel shaded water
  • improved terrain texturing and lightmapping
  • highly optimized terrain detail mesh renderer (lots of grass etc)
  • advanced physics system with a custom version of havok written by engineers at havok specifically for VUG and IG, as well as as custom physics sub-engine to handle super-fast moving objects, jet packing and sophisticated materials interactions (e.g.bullets impacting on various surfaces with different visual and gameplay effects)

plus other goodies.

BUt will It have Riot shields!?

Seriously though is any of the talent that made the swat series excellent working on this game? Rod Fung is at microsoft now isnt he? Also will this game be detached from the lapd as Swat:Uj was to be so as to allow sierra to go all counterstrike on us?