Swedish/Scadinavian christmas presents in the US

Anyone know where i can order one of those door harps or some sort of scadinavian ornaments of good quality and from a reputable dealer that ships to the US? I saw some Danish hair clips that looked kinda cool.

I know there are some Swedes that post here so maybe ya’ll’l have some suggestions :)

I am Swedish, and as far as I recall I have never ever seen a door harp, not in Sweden, Denmark, Norway or Finland.

One of the most common ornaments to give away in Sweden is glassware. If the recipient was Swedish it might be a tad unoriginal, but if it is a gift to an American it might perhaps be appropriate.

You could try Orrefors. Which is the classical Swedish glassware manufacturer, IIRC they make the glassware for the Nobel prize reception. They usually have pretty clean even austere design, perhaps reminiscent of the furniture design of IKEA, which I guess is kind of typical Swedish or Scandinavian.


They appear to have an online shop.

I’m Danish and would be happy to help. But please add a bit more detail - I have no clue what a door harp is and no knowledge of anything special about Danish hair clips.

Weren’t those what Princess Leia used in the original star wars to keep her hair up? Sure looked like danishes to me.

I thought traditional Swedish gifts involved pickled herring and alcohol?

No, that’s for making the extended family bearable.

Oh noes you mean every Swedish house doesn’t have a door harp? The internet, it lies!

I’m always looking out for regional cool stuff, you know. I like kitsch, especially for Christmas presents.

Thanks for the link Johan.

This is a door harp:

You mount it next to your front door, and it kind of jingles and jangles when someone closes it or otherwise makes a ruckus. I never heard of them being Swedish, though.

If you want swedish kitsch you can’t go wrong with a painted wooden horse.

The red ones are the most common these days.

These are actually made in the Appalachians by people with bad teeth and raccoon hats.

Close enough!