Sweet, new System of a Down rocks

Mezmerize is the first half of a double album ( next half ‘Hypnotize’ is due in about 6 months I think… they say to give fans time to get use to the first CD… I say to make more money…sort of like Kill Bill. ) and it kicks ass.

Surprisingly Serj doesn’t sing that much … or maybe he does it’s just that Daron Malakian (guitar) does a shitload of it and he does it well. What really makes this CD though is the drummer. This is the cleanest, smoothest and most exciting drumming I’ve ever heard. Ever. Actually, fuck it, the entire mix is smooth.

You may have already heard “B.Y.O.B” (Bring your own bombs) on the radio, which I’m listening to for about the 15th time today. If you like that then you’ll love the other tracks; “Sad Statue” , “Violent Pornography” and “Lost in Hollywood” are my personal favourites (There’s eleven all up).

9.7 Saks out of 10 for this one right here.