Sweet sweet RPGish awesome games, recommend me some

So after recently replaying VTM Bloodlines with the latest fan patch, I realize that I as a gamer really miss these types of games.

Games that I’ve played that evoke that same feeling of awesome-sauce

Deus Ex (original, but of course)
Fallout 3
Thief 3

Anyone have some hidden gems that are world explory-hero customizing that I may have missed? Old or new games are fine!

Thank you much in advance.


System Shock 2?

Ahh a good recommend I should of listed that up top because I have played that one many times.

Any opinions on Arcanum - of really long title of steampunk?

If you play Arcanum, there is a fan patch you will want to get. It is compatible with the GOG version, I Believe.

It’s a game with a lot of charms. And broken combat that tried to be two things and failed at both. And a character development system that seems interesting at first glance but is in reality sort of a mess.

Yeah just watched the trailer on GoG and I think I played it back in the day and put it down for some reason.

Morrowind is my personal favorite game in that world exploration hero customization genre. I’m drawing a blank on others at the moment.

Obligatory Ultima IV / V / VI (though character customization is very limited the world exploration is awesome) pimping from me, especially with the anniversary so close.

Morrowind would be my recommend(ation).

I hear good things about The Witcher, though I’ve yet to have a chance to play it. Picked it up at one of the many Steam/Impulse sales and just have a backlog to big at the moment to get there.

I really like Arcanum, but you have to be playing it for the story and the exploration. The combat and character development aspects aren’t good. Also, magic is easy-mode and going the tech route is hard mode, just FYI.