Sweet Tooth - Netflix, DC Comics, RDJ, hybrids

They had me on the abundance of tracking shots over scenery. I love those. I guess I’m cheap to impress.

Big fan of Jeff Lemire’s comic. It’s pretty violent and bleak, though, and I’m intrigued to see how much of that stays. The trailer looks a little more like Stranger Things: Post-Apocalypse.

Looking forward to it, anyway.

That’s not Sweet Tooth

Is this a movie, or series?

Apparently a series, according to a quick Google of it.

Heh, that’s also the first thing I googled after watching that trailer with the sound off.

It’s here!

Watched the first episode and it seems pretty good so far.

Just posted in the Netflix thread that I like this but am having severe issues with sound issues, similar to but worse than what I had with Shadow & Bone (and yet I don’t have these problems with older Netflix shows or non-Netflix productions.) The voices are too low and the sound mixing seems truly terrible. Anyone having this issue?

Seemed fine for me for the first two episodes last night.

Yeah, turned out to be a weird hardware thing that I fixed. (See the Netflix streaming thread.)

Anyhow, Sweet Tooth is pretty good so far, now that I can hear it.

This was good, but they better get a second season greenlit!

My kid and I watched the first three episodes in a row last night. Really digging it as is my daughter.

Two episodes to go. It’s good, but I’d not call it groundbreaking - it’s following many tired old story-telling tropes and has been very predictable to date. My wife likes it though, so thumbs up! Production values are great and the animitronics/make-up is pretty good. I also hope for a season 2 at this stage can’t see that not getting greenlit.

I pretty much agree. Having watched a lot of recent offerings on Netflix including the Irregulars and Shadow and Bone among others, it’s at least as good as those. Not that, that is a a terribly high bar. Good production values and foundation for storytelling that never quite pays off like I would want as far as inventiveness goes. As with most of these shows, there is a great premise, initial world building and then a bit of an uneven patch. I have two episodes left, too, and hoping it ends with a bang.

Watched the first two episodes last night, and we were surprisingly entertained. Definitely not a small kid show, even though they are careful to keep the violence off-camera for the most part.

It requires a huge helping of willing suspension of disbelief, but fine, it is post-apoc fiction. I’m willing to forgive clothing that holds up wonderfully for 10 years in the wilderness (and that fit a kid that grows from infant to 10-year old), an amazing ability to raise enough food to feed two people from scratch with no hunting, the freaking Leonardo DaVinci of survival skills father, etc.

But so far we are having fun with it,.

We finished last night and while you could nitpick about any number of things as Benny alluded to above, we were thoroughly entertained. Now the interminable wait for confirmation of a season 2 and then its filming.

Does the actress that plays Bear remind anyone else of Moose from You Can’t Do That on Television?

Yes, had that exact thought.

I enjoyed it, but I think my favorite element is just the aesthetics of the landscape. I would watch a show that was just the main characters walking across post-apocalyptic America and nothing happens.

As I said above, we liked it, but one thing that really irritated me was bad lazy TV writing with the kid. No less than 3 times they had the kid doing something stupid just to drive the plot. That is just bad writing.