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Apologies if this is a n00b question that marks me out as teh suXor, but does anybody know how you advance toward being a Jedi?

I haven’t been following that very much, but it’s a good question. Can any of our SWG authorities (i.e. Brian Rucker) tell us whether there’s been any progress deciphering the Jedi mystery?


It would have to involve Midichlorians somehow wouldn’t it? :)

I think it involves using “The Force” to inflate SOE and LA’s respective bank accounts to a specified level.

HAHAHAH. It’s funny coz they’re greedy corporations, see?

Seriously though, folks: My coworker is a rabid SWG fan, and I’m convinced that his Wookie Dancer character will be the first Jedi. Never underestimate the power of the Mashed Potato.

SOE hasn’t divulged how to unlock the force sensitive character slot and said it would take months to achieve. I think it’s not ready yet. :)

Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Activate Your Jedi Slot

  1. Get in your landspeeder… oh, wait, nevermind…


Nope. It’s a deep, dark secret. You can only discover the true way of the Jedi by trial and error.

Also, if you should become a Jedi, and get killed, your character’s death is permanent – no respawn for you.

And since it’s a single-character server, you have to keep paying $15/mo. for life, and you don’t ever get to play again.

All jedi must start their training by killing small scorpions.

Err…that is being killed by small scorpions.

No chance Jedis are in game and working at this point. This is SOE we are talking about.

I still cant wait to see how the permadeath thing pans out. People sure arent going to be happy about losing something forever that takes months to even access, let alone build up.


Nope. It’s a deep, dark secret. You can only discover the true way of the Jedi by trial and error.

Also, if you should become a Jedi, and get killed, your character’s death is permanent – no respawn for you.[/quote]

Here’s my theory: there’s a bug that rarely deletes a character at random when they die. They left Jedis out of the game so that when your character doesn’t respawn, they tell you it’s because you were a Jedi all along, and didn’t know it.

With such a drastic penalty for death, would anyone who achieved Jedi status, wander the world solo? Heck no, I think you’ll see people who play the game enough to achieve such status be the equivalent of EQ’s guild leaders. The lowly unJedi in the guild are there to sacrifice themselves in dangerous situations so that the Jedi “leader” can escape death, so EQ guilds = SWG cults.

From talk I heard a couple of months ago (the idea may have changed since then), when you got ‘jedi’ what would actually happen would be that you’d unlock a second character slot on that particular server. That character (the new one) would be the jedi/force sensitive/permadeath character, and your original would be left unchanged. Thing is, if you did die, you could always just start a new jedi character in the slot- the PC dies but you keep the slot for use.

This, my friends, is one hell of a carrot- it could potentially keep players playing for ever, and the price on eBay of those accounts would be astronomical. :shock:

I agree that it seems very doubtful Jedi are actually in the game yet. SOE can hide for a long time behind their “It’s secret and you just haven’t figured it out” story. Also, my understanding is that DQ is right–you get a second jedi slot, which is perma-death, but your original character is still available. IIRC, the perma-death jedi slot is one-time only–e.g., it’s not like if jedi #1 gets killed you can start over with 1st-level jedi #2. You just get one shot, one opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted, in one moment. Will you capture it? Or just let it slip?

Or will Shub-Internet devour your Jedi in a lag-storm of epic proportions?

You sound like you’re channeling Sean Connery from Highlander 2: The Crapening.

And there goes XPav’s street cred…


Eminem sounds a lot like Connery?

But maybe now we can start the “That’s the sound your mother made, Trebeck” stuff again. That shit was pretty funny.

Yeah, I know it was supposed to be Eminem but I’ve been looking for a way to insert Highlander 2 into the collective unconscious somewhere and I figured this was a good time.

(Ok, that whole collective unconscious thing was crap, but I did think Sean Connery first you know with the whole glowing thing on his hand when the fan was coming down and he made his little speech…)