SWG: Most. Successful. Launch. Evar

Or so says LucasArts. Successful = Phat Sales. I guess the conspiracy theorists were right. LucasArts wanted it out the door and trumpet their big ol’ sales figures. Well, it worked.

Anyone catch the fireworks display they put up? Musta been sumpthin.

As I predicted.

Hell, if it weren’t for the warnings all over this board, I’d have bought a copy myself, despite the fact that I find most MMORPGs to be a frightening combination of a scary chat room and pointless, dull gameplay. I play them for a month to “see the sights” and never have any desire to go back.

But this one I would have bought, between the allure of the Star Wars universe and the interesting pre-launch demo material I’d seen. (So “thanks, Qt3!”)

Sure, the launch has been successful. I’ll be interested to see the churn, though. How many of those launch buyers will still be playing in September?

Here is a fun little tidbit, they have taken the servers down at 9am for the last several days for hours at a time. I don’t recall DAoC being down at all in the first 2 weeks. EQ aside from the bandwidth issues didn’t require this much downtime either. Successful my ass.

– Xaroc

But Denny, how can 125,000 shee…, er subscribers be wrong? The content being added already started yesterday. Fireworks!!! I think I read the features added went like this:

-Game available for purchase
-LucasArts cash aquisition from gamers
-SWG available for subscription to a limited number of people who already installed the game
-Jedi’s: TBA
-vehicles capable of space flight: cold day in hell

PR people, present company excepted :) , are only slightly less than forthcoming. Did I miss a mention of any of the “hiccups” which occured? Software PR man would be a perfect profession for Ari Fleischer once he is done at the White House in a few months.

Obviously, I do not have the game and once it is all ironed out and my kid goes off to college, freeing up a bit more of my time, I really would like to pick up the soon to be “Most Successful MMORPG of All Time”. I just wish early purchasers and future marks…er, oops again… future customers were not treated like Jackasses who can be easily led by software companies and their promised carrots.

if you were the financier of the game, I am sure you would want the product out the door as soon as possible too. They already missed the April deadline, the financiers are breathing down their neck, other companies released 80% finished MMORPGs and WE, THE CONSUMERS, ACCEPT THIS, so why can’t they release SWG unfinished?

it makes perfect sense.

If you don’t agree with it, then DONT buy the game… but if you buy SWG and it is in an unfinished state, then you are giving the MMORPG developers the message that you support early releases of unfinished games.

Money talks. Sales revenues talk. Bitching and moaning about an unfinished game on a gaming forum doesn’t.

As far as I know no one in this thread to this point has bought SWG.

– Xaroc

I can just picture Ari now.

“There is nothing wrong with Star Wars: Galaxies. The downtime has all been planned, and I think the good, paying customers will enjoy LucasArts prediction that they really only want to play in the late afternoon Pacific Standard Time, no matter what part of the world they are in. We’re trying to choke how many hours people play – that way they are much more productive. What? No. My predecessor didn’t say ‘bumbling stupid sheep’ - OK, he did. But he was referring to everyone who was saying that people who enjoy this game are idiots. They just don’t appreciate our down-home, straight-forward approach to PR. What? No, Raph Koster never said anything about exploiting the masses. OK, he did, but it was another Raph Koster who’s working on another project. What? No, I’m not making this up as I go. [to security guardsmen] Have that man shot immediately.”

Xaroc, I was talking in general terms.

Xaroc, I was talking in general terms.[/quote]

I definitely agree with your point then. What I found funny was in DAoC I finally got sick of having classes I leveled getting nerfed (Minstrel and Necromancer) and cancelled my accounts. I saw other people on the Necro forums saying things like “Well I am done I am going to go play X class until Mythic fixes Necros.” Attitudes like that are exactly what these companies want. Feel free to bitch up a storm just don’t cancel your account. The only way to get companies to listen is to either not shell out the cash in the first place or cancel your account if you are tired of the service/content/etc…

– Xaroc

Sure it does. It tells people here who (I don’t know if you know it or not) are gamers, PR people, gaming jounalists and developers that I am voting with my wallet. I am one of the one’s they were tageting and I am not going to try the game as I do not like the business practices which have led to this. Now, maybe one person does not count and I am sure they could not give a steaming shit whether I get the game or not. The game may very well turn out to be the Best Damn MMORPG Ever, but I can make a decision at this very moment, type it on this board, and tell everyone involved and not involved that I will not be picking it up now or ever.

The work and heart poured into it by Raph and Co. and the overwhelming fandom behind Star Wars is what, I assume, got the 125,000 to buy it and sign up. It is a crime, a crime, I say, that the developers have to bear the brunt of gamer’s ire, but what are my alternatives. Del would have me just shut up and go play something else. I will do that, but can I not put in a tiny request that gamers not be made to take it in the ass all for the sake of what could be a fine product. Can I not ask that since we are providing the money up front to LucasArts that they go ahead and provide the gameplay once we get it home?

I do not want to change the world and, anyway, this will probably lead to more such Beta launches since it was so successful. For now, I am going to start a revolution with my one tiny, little vote and not pay for a game upon its troubled release, all the while keeping my fingers crossed in the hopes that everything will turn out OK. Eventually.

PS: WTF else is a gaming forum for if not for the airing of concerns about your hobby of choice. I was waiting for the early returns on this game and, from what I have read, there have been one or two problems (conservative estimate). The fact that PR folks are shouting their numbers from rooftops and players are still having troubles is not a situation I would like to encourage. Rather than keep it to myself, I came here to see if someone else shares my frustration. If people do not, then I am proved to be a whiny bitch and sent on my way.


Money talks. Sales revenues talk. Bitching and moaning about an unfinished game on a gaming forum doesn’t.

Upon a second third, and fourth reading, I am not even sure what this means although your Business 101 walkthrough was much appreciated. Bitching and moaning doesn’t do what, “talk”? SHould it not have been “Bitching and moaning walks”?

Was there ever any question if it would do well? I mean, anyone that thought there was a chance this wouldn’t sell extremely well right away was just delusional. It really doesn’t matter how bad these things are when they have a name like Star Wars on the cover and meet some unmet marketplace need like “Star Wars MMORPG”.


I guess my complaint boils down to a piddly one of semantics as, yes, I had no doubt it would sell like hotcakes. Their use of the word “successful” makes it sound as if 125,000 people just hopped on and are all happily travelling around the galaxy with a feature complete game and no downtime interruptions. Also, I understand that PR people are not there to give updates on the present state of the game post-launch. This press release was just a reason for me to bitch and moan about the way games are released and gamers are treated in today’s market. Like morons and some happily treated that way. Hell, I bought some shitty games this year based upon useless previews and first looks in online and newsstand publications. Until my decision today, I was part of the problem.

I hope they sell 50 cajillion copies (for the developers’ sakes alone). I hope the day will come when gamers will be able to pay on the day a game is announced. That way players will be given the chance to to do what they are doing now and there will be no need for any of this silly spinning. I pay $50.00 for the priveledge of knowing I will be playing the game whenever and in whatever state the publisher deems fit so that it will be listed in the proper quarterly earnings report for their shareholders. That money will be going directly for the developing and finishing of the product just as the SWG money is doing now. All this pie-in-the-sky talk of buying a game and taking it home to play out of the box can be done away with for good. As it should be. I mean, Jeezus squeezus, just think of all of the combinations of rigs they have to develop for. The publishers/developers are doing us a favor by getting games to run at all before everyone on the planet with a different machine has a chance to test it for them.

This game was pretty hyped up (even by MMORPG standards), so I gotta wonder: is 125,000 units less than what they were expecting?

I’m also like Denny, as I’m very interested in seeing the 2-3 month “churn” numbers. Do company’s even release these numbers, or are they compiled and guessed independently?

LucasArts is a privately held company. I think only public companies are obligated to release that sort of information.

Most companies don’t release those numbers, but there’s sure to be a server stat. tool eventually.

Reading that press release is sickening. They have no shame and its no wonder consumers are constantly fed buggy horseshit for games when we slop it up and ask for more.






DAOC was down in the first few weeks of launch, just not for a very long time. A drop in the bucket compared to SW:G downtime starting Launch Thursday and into the first weekend.

— Alan

Eve Online goes down for an hour a day. 4am Pacific time, I believe. I don’t know what they’re doing for that hour. I suspect the MMO faeries are working their magic.

I hope those MMO faeries got paid for overtime for all the work they must have been doing when SWG was launched [sic].


I must be slow. It took me a good 30 seconds to figure out why you used [sic].