SWG Revisited at MMORPG.COM

While it’s tempting to offer up yet another summary of where the game went wrong, and how great it used to be (through those rose-colored collector’s edition goggles, no doubt), this re-review will instead attempt to approach the title with a fresh perspective, ostensibly that of someone playing the game for the first time (an admittedly tall order for a launch day/beta veteran, so bear with me). Say what you will about Galaxies’ meandering path to its present incarnation, but what you can’t say is that there is a deeper game on the market, as it consistently accommodates a range of play styles by offering diverse options that the ‘give me pew pew or give me death’ mentality of the rest of the industry chooses to ignore.

Frankly, I wandered back in myself to check out the CCG and play around with some new systems and found myself hooked again. Solid RP community on my server helped with that but there’s tons of PvE content that’s accumulated while I was away. The new dev team’s been trying to mitigate some of the damage the NGE caused to fans of Creature Handler and Traders as well. I’ve written before here about my visit last fall and the introduction of Storyteller tools.

It’s not what it was or what I wanted it to be. And while I didn’t write the review linked above I agree with it almost wholeheartedly both in its criticisms and its praises.

PS: My other car is a YT-1300.

Every few months I daydream about my mansion on Talus, and I wonder if it’s still there. I dropped enough credits in the maintenance pool to last a looooong time, but it’s been over three years since I quit. Not coincidentally, that happened about 60 minutes after trying the WoW free trial the first time.

I never did try the NGE, but as a guy who did those damned “Village” quests for months to unlock my Jedi, I find the idea of clicking “Jedi” on the character creation screen more than a little distasteful.