SWG update: Who is still playing? Who was playing but isn't?

I’m only posting because the servers apparently ate themselves tonight… so while I’m here (woohoo! :)) how are people doing?

I’ve gone from running a few droid shops on three planets with a DE friend, to running my own architect shop just on Naboo. Still enjoying it, though my DE friend has long since gone back to DAoC.

Some thoughts…

  • Mythic has better testing than SOE
  • SOE has a more complex game than any mmorpg I’ve played
  • SOE needs a Sanya. Badly.
  • They probably need a Lum, too, given how absolutely FUBAR their database is (stories of people’s houses, and all items in them, poofing into oblivion are a daily occurance)
  • It’s still a damn immersive and potentially enjoyable game, despite all that… with the “all that” being so extreme that it’s really saying something to admit that I still find the game enjoyable

I am really enjoying Jedi Academy.

I rarely play any more, and I know many that are in the same boat. I will probably cancel soon, if not when World of Warcraft gets released.

Never played SWG, but my wife has, which has now hooked her on MMORPGs. We’re killing time in DAOC until World of Warcraft comes out.

Wow isn’t really on the horizon yet, is it? My guess is it’s at least six months away, probably longer.

Still playing, although I’ve been distracted by other games lately (TOEE, Halo and Gothic). I’ll be in for the duration, however – I like it far more than any other MMO to date.

Robert Coffey’s recent article on SWO was hilarious*. I don’t know if it was fiction, but the game might be worth playing just for moments like that.


*Buy the mag for the details.

Alas, it was all true. I was there for the “Tusken” incident. Ick.

Robert Coffey’s recent article on SWO was hilarious

I actually purchased (I didn’t need to, I have contacts at SOE) SWG and played the game, I was so confident that it would succeed. Alas, I hadn’t reinstalled it after upgrading my OS from 2k to XP until after reading Tom Chick’s column in CGM.

[/gratuitous butt-kissing mode]

I’m still playing. I’ve got a Tailor on the Gorath server. 4 boxes from master!

I also have a rifle/CH on Corbantis. Well, she’s not CH yet, but that’s where she’s heading.

I have a relatively noobish Rebel character on Gorath (“Xem”) that I’m trying to get some Pistol XP with and maybe try PvP. I’m running into the same slump I had the first time I tried to get anywhere with SWG, which is that it’s all either too bland, too random, or both. I don’t have nearly as much of a sense of the world as EQ. All in all, its almost enough to send me out for a copy of Lost Dungeons of Norrath and reinstall Planetside.

Your contacts at SOE wouldn’t have been able to help you. LucasArts did not/is not authorizing any freebies on SWG.

Playing daily. Jack of most trades character on Starsider. Time’s split between roleplayed events, adventures (hunting, theme park and NPC) and making credits (saving up for a ship when SE comes out). Most of my interest is based around the roleplayer’s player city community I’m in which is a pretty entertaining bunch and growing all the time. I do mostly PvE and surveying/selling insofar as daily game content goes.

We’re really treading water for the coded player cities. Really need them ASAP to handle conflicts and assorted issues as well as for the various municipal buildings and features that will be included. Mounts and vehicles are also very much desired. Hope these things come through soon.

I played for about a month and became really good friends with this woman who sold clothes out of her house with a roommate. Then about a week in her amazing house and all he stuff just blinked out of existence. She spent the whole evening telling me who long she worked for that house. She was pretty bummed about it, understandably. A week later I cancelled. Just not enough to do, and what you can do seems to be undone by glitches.

Perhaps its a simulation of the horrible sideeffects of civil war? Imperial troops under General Sherm Aan come through and burn the city of Atl Antaa to the ground?