SWG: Wait a damned minute

I just read somewhere(this may be rumor) that you have to complete quests in SWG to open a “FS”(Force Sensitive) slot on your account to make another character. That character would become a jedi and that FS character can be perma-killed. So let me understand this, I have to do a bunch of monkey shit and run around like a tard to become a jedi and then once I can make one he can die forever?

I also hear that Jedi are 10 times more powerful than normal characters. Man SWG sounds like less and less fun everytime I read something about it.

Yes to how you are able to get a Jedi… I’ve seen that confirmed by Verant posts.

As to why they did that… Verant has a god damn fucking vision you and you not to question the vision! …or maybe I played to much EQ.

I think that falls under the “Too much EQ” section.

Yeah, I think we had a thread about this before.

The good money is on griefers targetting Jedi for death the moment a Jedi reveals himself.

Dont forget you pay a monthly fee to do this kind of work. Gaming Value.

As its been said before, if im paying them money, I wanna be a fucking Jedi right away.

Then everyone would be a jedi. Then it would be “Star Wars Jedis.”

As it stands it should be called “Star Wars: No Fun, Lots of Work”

Which would be far more satisfying for my bucks. The Jedi is probably the only interesting thing in the Starwars Universe. Oh hey, I wanna pay a monthly fee to be some ugly alien with worms growing out of my head. What can I do? Oh yeah, I could be SOLDIER or FARMER or the ever so fun SHIPPER OF GOODS.

Just sounds like an even bigger time waster than EQ, DCoA, or AC2, but with a giant foot up your ass for good measure.

New SOE slogan: “Sony Online Entertainment: Waste of time with a foot up your ass”

Actually, I think it would be Star Wars Galaxies II: Dark Forces Academy IV: Jedi Outcast III: Jedis.

Maybe Sid Meier’s Brian Reynolds could work on it and they’d call it Sid Meier’s Brian Reynolds’ Star Wars Galaxies II: Dark Forces Academy IV: Jedi Outcast III: Jedis.

Then you could register it on IGR and it would be Gordon Cameron’s Sid Meier’s…

I think American McGee would want a piece of that action.

Underneath could we add in really tiny letters:

A Derek Smart Simulation

When I was a kid everyone wanted to be Han Solo. What’s with all you Skywalker wannabes? Buncha milksops, the bunch of you.

EQ has been a big waste of time when they up the max level to 60 and put that ability shit in the game. drag and drag and drag… i thought i was wasting time and money when my exp bar didnt move at all after killing frogs for hours… so its not surprising when verant pull all that crap out again and use it on swg…

btw did brad’s departure affect the game designing at all ? some people keep thinking eq and swg would have been better if hes still around



Frankly, the wise thing would have been to omit Jedi altogether as they’re not a major part of the setting during this period. Hey, I’m no Star Wars purist but I’d like at least my corner of the game to resemble the films this title is supposedly based on. Can you see what the reviews would look like if Jedi were a common class? L33t haxxors flinging Force-lightning everywhere? A multitude of bad-ass Zabrak bountyhunters with speech impediments I can handle but having everyone whipping lightsabers around would just be way too silly. Selfish of me? Sure. Just as selfish as demanding to be a Jedi ‘cause’.

Why do I see limiting Jedi as being a good thing? Well, if you can accept that powergamers as the folks most likely to demand being Jedi, without any strings attached, and you recognise powergamers as the segment of the MMORPG market that consumes the most attention from admins and designers as they constantly scream for more higher level content and then try to game the systems, then you can see why providing Jedi as a challenge for these guys can keep them plenty occupied. Smarter powergamers will probably see more disadvantages anyhow and focus on smarter powergamer activities like guild (military or craft based) or city building and trade or industrial empires. That’s where the real power is and if the gameplay does all it purports it can channel these natural inclinations into activities that actually generate play for other players rather than take up the time of the in-house creatives and admins. As for the Jedi-wannabes I suspect most will find other ways to have fun even if they didn’t get the pony they really wanted while the real troublemakers will just decide to play something else. And that works for me.

You have to understand there’s alot of stuff going on in SWG and it’s going to be a pretty amazing place to be whether or not you’re a Jedi. That’ll help alot of folks ‘get over it’.

Why is it a good thing that it will be hard for a Jedi to maintain his status? Well, if we’re going to have many more Jedi and FS characters in the game than we do in the actual setting there really needs to be some incentive for them to put a lid on it as much as possible rather than force-leaping around roof-tops or mindcontrolling NPCs to do can-can dances in the city square. Making them vulnerable and hunted not only fits the setting but it also will force Jedi players to think about how and when to use their powers - and who to trust. If Jedi were just like any other class they’d be engaging in business, trading, and all sorts of activities that just don’t make sense. They’d be congregating en masse as well. This way, sure, small covert networks might form but who’d be crazy enough to post that they’re a Jedi on a webpage or admit it in a tavern? They’d become targets for bountyhunters and Imperials all over the server. Making the life of a Jedi a challenging thing also will cut down on ebay-abuse. Who’d buy an account for a character that could get killed the day after you log on? And, considering I’m just posting my own opinion, playing a Jedi under these circumstances would be a thousand times more fulfilling than playing one as just another character.

Just one roleplayer’s opinion.

Odds are, though, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see screaming kids and powergamers force Jedi to become less challenging and more generic. Frankly the tradeoff between extreme power and extreme danger seems a far more interesting and valid solution. Interesting and valid only goes so far in a commercial service industry though.

Underneath could we add in really tiny letters:

A Derek Smart Simulation[/quote]

Hey!! leave me out of it. I’m not that bad :D And at least in my games, I let you have enough freedom to ruin your own gaming experience. Its your dime. :D

Thats the thing. They are really killing this game by not allowing space, nor planetary flight paths. I don’t think they have the tech and they don’t want to admit that. Instead, they want an EQ in SW galaxy, with the same frigging, ludicrous treadmill. And just because EQ has proven that, no matter how stupid the premise is, someone is going to want to endure it.

The game would have SO much more appeal if it had a seamless space/planetary world and with different career paths. Then we can all be Hans Solo wannabes.

I have the tech. It’ll cost them $500K to license it. And they get all the tools. And they get to use their own renderer (my technology is purely pass-through and entirely scripted). Its been 14 years and I have it down pat. They’ve got such a learning curve to bring space to SWG, that I wish them all the luck in the world. They’re gonna be needing it. And for their sakes, I hope they already have the architecture in place to support the space portion as an add-on pack. Because if they don’t, well, they’re in trouble - or - worse, you’d find that you’d have to zone to move from one terrain (space) to the next (planet). Which will just kill it.

Here’s how I feel about it.

If you’re going to release a game that the featured class in is Jedi, then why make it so ridiculous and time-wasting to reach? I was always a Skywalker in Return of the Jedi fan, as well as Yoda so this would be the part of the game that I would be playing it for.

Here’s the deal, I want regular characters to be able to become force sensitive and then have to strive to become a jedi over time and training. I’m mostly irritated by the second character slot, to tell the truth. You have to wank around with something you don’t want to be forever to open a slot to START OVER. And for all your work, your character can permanently die. Jesus, thanks Verant.

Seriously though, none of the character classes interest me in this game. They’re all boring and mostly uninspired. The races are pretty lame as well. I understand that the races are the classic Star Wars cast, but good lord, it’s a big universe people.

“When I was a kid everyone wanted to be Han Solo. What’s with all you Skywalker wannabes? Buncha milksops, the bunch of you.”

Yeah, but that was probably before everyone saw a pointy eared, green midget lift up a X-Wing fighter with his mind.