SWG : Will you play on Day 1 Poll

A week away, will you pay to play?


A week away, will you pay to play

Not quite.

Hmm, dont know but maybe SWG is Sims Online part two? Not likely, but not even ONE vote yet here? I actually might consider changing my mind if I read some good non NDA comments. But all things point to NOT READY!


I am sooooo going to love saying “I told you so!” 8)

We’re not really a good indication of who will play. This game has STAR WARS on the cover. There are likely to be a lot of non-hardcore gamers that will pick it up. Plus there’s always the entire MMOG crowd that seems to always try the new games whether they stick with them or not.

I don’t think they’re in any danger of it flopping. It certainly won’t be the game that makes every game after it have to be an MMOG though like many publications both mainstream and game focused were claiming over a year ago.

So many people wanted this to be the “big one” but it’ll end up just being “another one”, I think.


We’ll see…

Nope nope, there isn’t a MMORPG on the planet I’d pay to play…

And I was a big early advocate (1994) of the promise of networked gaming… But somehow, none of the MMORPGs have any draw for me.

Actually, MMORPG’s aren’t games, they’re failed military and social experiments that have been taken over the corporations. Originally, in Ultima Online, hacking away at anything meant you were, in real life, controlling an elite robot commando who was in the middle of eliminating a Haitian drug-lord, or were pushing the front-lines of a secret Iraqi war. Did you know that since the release of EQ that the US has secretly been running an underground resistance in South Korea to rid the world of Massah Kim? It’s true, it’s true.

With the releases of DAoC and AO and other various games with different classes, the corporations got a little assistance. When constructing an object in an MMORPG, you are essentially constructing an object in real life. Did you know that GM hasn’t had a union of living beings in 2 years? Care to guess who killed all the union members? Care to guess who replaced them and are now currently living in their homes?

Open your eyes! Free your mind! The world is not as you see! Let us rise up one last time and let Sony Online, Funcom, and the rest hear our noise! We will not be held back! MMORPG’s of the world — Where we go from here is up to you. We hope you make the right choice.

Control, we got another live one, up the thorazine IV, he must not wake up…


OK, but who’s gonna be there on day 2? There just aren’t enough polls up about this.

Control, we got another live one, up the thorazine IV, he must not wake up…


Ground Control to Major Tom; Can you hear me Major Tom?

Should have included an I don’t play MMOs option. They don’t really count as nos because they would never play in the first place. Still despite this 64-6 is a pretty bad thrashing. I don’t think DAoC or Everquest or even Shadowbane would have gotten hammered this badly. Did we have a poll about Shadowbane? Maybe I will do a search for it.

– Xaroc

I am an avid MMOG player. I still play EQ around 15 hours a week, I fire up AC2 now and then, and I played DAoC from release day until I saw everything there was to see (around 3 months). Since the release of UO, I don’t think there has been a month where I wasn’t paying some kind of monthly fee for an MMOG.

And yet… I will not be buying SW:G on release day. Been playing it for the last few months off and on, and the game is just not worth it for me.

After a few big patches and when the game and expansion come bundled together, I might check it out again. But as of today, it’s just not exciting me.