Swimming pool questions - spoilers

Saw SWIMMING POOL and, though I have my own theories, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED???

Is the whole thing Charlotte Rampling’s fantasy? Did she screw the gardener? Did the 13 year old “ugly” Julie actually show up at the house or is the whole thing in Charlotte Rampling’s head? What the hell?

I just saw it tonight as well. (btw, if you’re ever in Seattle, watch a movie at the Harvard Exit, which has got the most laid back lobby on the planet.)

Anyway, yeah, What The Fuck happened at the end? My guess is that Julie was actually that 13-year old the entire time, and Samantha’s imagination fleshed her out to the (HOT) Julie.

But I am totally convinced that all the French have to do to make us love them again is to have Ludivine Sagnier appear nude in more movies. OMG, I’m totally smitten. She’s just waiting to become the next big French export to Hollywood. And from what I’ve read, their marketing this film relatively hardcore (for an indepedent French flick), so I think she’s paving her way.

Did she really fuck the gardener? I think she did. I think this is the only thing that really happened.

Saw this over the weekend. A few comments. I thought the whole movie to the end was a visualization of a book in the authors mind…the real daughter never even was there - The author just knew he had a daughter and built the story around her. My wife disagreed. She felt that Julie was a real daughter - illegitimate child of the publisher who really came to the house…your call.

FYI - Nice tits but not a pretty face at all. I need more then nice boobs to be willing to concede movie making greatness to Swimming Pool