Switched to Internet voice, getting many bad gateway messages now

To try and save some money, I cancelled my home phone service through TDS Metrocom and switched it to Internet voice through my Internet provider. But now oddly, when I surf the net I’m often getting bad gateway and a bunch of other internet connection issues.

Anyone have an insight as to what might be going on? I just did the transition today.

They give you a new 2 in 1 router? Voice and Data?

It’s the same one I had before that was provided. They just always supply the same cable/router box whether you have voice com or not and it has jacks for phones in it. Phone works, but my Internet has slowed a lot, pings went up, and of course the unresolved DNS and bad gateways. Happened right after the voice got activated.

Is voice through existing internet provider?

It is now. I had old-fashioned phone service before this.

No I mean is it provided by the internet company?


Run a speed test to make sure that you are at least getting your paid for speeds.

Also , you rebooted your router since you hooked up the phone lines ?

Did these intermittent network problems iron themselves out?

When I switch to my Internet voice I usually drop it down an octave or so. I want to seem gruff and manly. It’s not working.


Depicted: @jpinard 's “internet voice” circa 2019 (colorized)

Don’t pay for VOIP. Use old smartphones with google voice for free. You get 911 service this way even without a paid SIM card in the phone.

If you really want to use physical landline style phones like a geriatric go with google voice with an obihai device. Also no monthly fees baseline, but if you want 911 service you’ll need to pay twenty bucks per year to a paid VOIP provider like Callcentric.

I’m not too sure. I’ve been so busy running around to car lots trying to find transportation, I haven’t been on the Internet hardly at all. But when I’ve been on, I haven’t received the message.