Switcher box recommendation?

Any recommendations on a switcher box for monitor, mouse and keyboard so I can use them with two boxes? There is quite the wide assortment and prices. btw, the mouse is USB, the keyboard is PS/2, and the monitor cable is standard (duh). One of the boxes is a P2-400 running Win ME, no USB ports and the other box is fairly new with all of the latest and greatest (and running XP). I’d like to keep the price around $100 (US).


IOGear makes a decent 4-system KVM for ps2 keyboard/mouse… i got mine ~$124 a little over a year ago.

Buy.com keeps running a special on an iogear where it’s like $60 after rebates including cables. It looks like a great deal!

I’ve used an iogear USB for most of the last year and it’s great. I recently switched to a Belkin USB and it’s been a real pain in the ass (although the Belkin’s also switch over sound, which is nice).

There’s a buy.com special right now on a 2 port – http://www.buy.com/retail/product.asp?sku=10329380&loc=418 – for $33! (this is a pretty good deal!)


EDIT: added price from buy.com

If you don’t use one PC very much, plug it into a network, and install and use VNC. Screw the keyboard/mouse/monitor.

I had a hell of a time finding a KVM I liked. I hated the USB one I tried because the USB mouse would take a minute to wake up when I switched from one to the other, or sometimes I would not wake up at all and I would have to cycle the switch to get it to work. Go PS2!

Also, I didn’t realize it until some kind soul on a help desk pointed out to me but my Altec Lansing sub woofer accepts input from two different computers. I just bought another sound card cable and I was good to go for my 2nd PC. Worth crawling under the desk to inspect your sub woofer. IMO, it works better than passing sound through the KVM. For example, I can hear if I get mail on one box, while I’m working on another.