Sword of the Stars - Expansion Information

Here’s the latest info on the expansion for Sword of the Stars, titled Born of Blood.

  • Latest news from the publisher is that the expansion will be online for download mid-to-end of May with a box on the shelves a few weeks after that. No word yet on a gold edition but you can get the last copies of the original game off the shelves or order from Amazon for $20.

  • I’m providing file space for a fan run podcast interview series. Interviews with Martin (designer) and Arinn (writer) are already there with the programming and art leads to follow.

  • Xfire is sponsoring a 50 slot closed beta to start in the next week or so.

One of the criticisms for the original game was the lack of feedback. A lot of the expansion will provide more details, more diplomacy options, trade options, and help with spacial awareness between players. This is all in addition to the 5th race that’s the core of the expansion.

Not pictured are the standard empire line graphs over time showing things like income and population. Additionally there’s an intel screen that keeps a notebook of the ship types you encounter with details on what sections and weapons they use.

Here is a screenshot of the 3d political map, giving you a better reference of which player controls which area of space:

This is a screenshot of the detailed after battle reports including which ships participated and survived, how much damage a ship class inflicted and received and a measure of the total damage done by a particular weapon type: