Sword of the Stars - Expansion Released

Understandable. SiS has a very particular cartoon-like art - personally I love it, but if you don’t it’s never going to click.

I’d still rate SotS higher. There’s so much to explore.

Have you researched AI yet, by the way?

Yes, I try and get that for the front section of the ship to do targeting and I seem to recall it improves either planet production or economy some too.

Is there something I missed that’s really handy to have from that research chain?

You pretty much covered it. It is a good boost to have a bunch of enslaved artificial intelligence helping out, and I’m sure nothing bad can come of it when you give them control of your warships and planetary economies.

(It’s possible disabling all random events also removes this ‘feature’.)

haha, rogue AI you say?!

I think in this run I turned off random events, guess I’ll get to see if that’s covered.

I did see something you could research to deal with the AI if it rebels on you, I forget what it was called.

I’ve not seen Locust this run thank god, so my guess is turning off random events might cover everything including rebellious AI. ;)

If so it’s funny, because turning off random events basically disables a list of most of my favorite things about this game. To each their own, though!

I hear you. But then as you say, to each their own. I prefer taking on the major races and not getting blind sided by random events, some of which as you’re no doubt aware are game ending or very close to it.

I had not one, not two, but three campaigns in a row basically wrecked beyond repair by Locust taking out my homeworld.

I can certainly see turning off grand menaces (or at least setting a much delayed arrival for them) while learning the game. In general, though I think the random events push early development and add a lot of color to the late game.

But, again, to each their own. Not trying to tell anyone else how to play!

The AI is passable, but it doesn’t take much experience to be much better than it. Eventually adding more and more handicaps - and embracing the absurdity of the grand menaces - is where I found myself.

It’s much more about generating and interesting experience of how you win and what you faced along the way than really any doubt as to if you will.

That’s the point where you graduate to Progression Wars.

Unless I’m confusing SotS with another game, the chance of random events goes way up after enough turns without anything happening. Even meeting another faction’s scout is enough to reset the random event counter and you’ll rarely have one in the middle of a war.

Well as it turns out you can find yourself in a spot of trouble even without random events if you happen to turtle for a bit like I just did.

As a result I’ve got humans coming at me with what looks like fairly equal tech and I’m starting to lose less defended planets.

I did a bit of a search on what their Achilles heal is and found they’re rather an all around’er race and fairly balanced.

Does that mean I guess that a morrigi vs human war is going to be a grinder? I’m wondering whether if I kit out fleets focused on drones I might then get an upper hand?

P.S. This has joined my short list of forever games.

This x1000

If you like turtling, hivers would potentially be your jam.

Humans have weak tech rolls, though it’s also spread all over the the place. So they’ll likely have something good.

They have mediocre ships with fairly weak engine sections, fairly poor tactical speeds, and rely on broadsides for most of the game - races like Morrigi and Tarka have much better firing arcs, with most of their weapons facing fowards. They’re also very limited by their node lines.

But they are fast going down those node lines, and their anti-matter engine sections are quite well armoured, and even reasonably speedy in tactical combat. And they have cheap dreadnoughts - the cheapest in the game except perhaps Zuul. And they are much better than Zuul dreadnoughts.

Morrigi advantages are high trade income (if you can keep building this up, you’ll far surpass a similar sized human empire) and excellent tech rolls - you should basically be able to pick whatever you want, unless it’s ballistics - and excellent (if expensive) ships. Their cruiser profiles are quite flat, favouring long or mid-range engagements, and suffering badly in a close brawl. Long range and high alpha-strike weapons (like the heavy fixed beams) are your best bet, especially against those long human broadside targets.

Probably, unless they’ve rolled well on point defense technologies. The AI doesn’t handle this well.

The best thing to do, though, is go on the attack. The AI doesn’t handle defence well at the best of times, and confined to node-lines while a Morrigi death-ball goes rampaging from planet to planet is something they’ll struggle with. They fall apart if you do this with two or three fleets at once.

Turtling on one planet with your defenses can work, but it might also turn into a meat grinder of attrition you eventually lose (especially if they have dreadnoughts).

This is likely going to be my next play through.

Ah, so this explains why I’m running into human DN’s everywhere. Makes sense now.

This sounds like my best design option.

I think I’ll build one fleet focused on drones and see what I encounter.

And your advice about going on the attack is really where it’s at. I sat about too long amusing myself researching and then building more ships with the newest tech never actually putting it to use. I would very much not want me as a leader.

Thanks everyone for the additional input, back into the fray I go.

Managed to take out the humans and from there it was smooth sailing. I do love how it just feels like every game I start in this one feels fresh to me.

First 30 turns of hivers, whew is it a slow start. Makes me nervous setting a path for a bunch of gate/tanker combos that won’t get where they’re going for 20 or 30 turns.

The prospect of defending gates scares me a bit. I wonder does the AI make a point of targeting these?

I kinda love that, it feels like playing Ender’s Game.

Ah but that’s the beauty of it, wherever a gate is, for all practical purposes there with it is your entire fleet…

I think when I played hiver I had to escort the gate and tanker to have enough to hold the gate if there was opposition, even for the first fleets. Well, hold for a turn…

Yeah I’ve bumped into another couple of races as was bound to happen. And they do indeed attack them as expected. But they’re not really going out of their way to hunt them down so much as if they’re in the vicinity of the area they’ve begun settling they attack those.

I’ve been spending all my money on colony ships and grabbing planets fast as I can with no mind to military. To buy some time when I ran into two of them and discovered both were Tarkas I made a beeline on research for diplomacy for that race and initiated a cease-fire which both accepted.

Time to hastily build a space fleet! And focus for a bit on military research.

So, AI rebellions, dear god.

Like 1/3 of my hand crafted empire just went rogue and now magically have the ability to outproduce me using very same planets I once ruled.

While possibly not campaign ending level disaster I did find it mildly interesting that having random events turned to zero had no impact on this.

Note to self: really weigh the value of AI researched bonuses vs the potential downside.

At this point I’m likely going to just play rear guard defense against the rogue AI and push future expansion through taking out rival races because it looks like the easier of the two paths forward.