Sword of the Stars: The Pit announced (roguelike RPG?)

The posts on the game’s website make it pretty clear that it’s turn-based, but a kind of turn-based that auto-advances every time you do something.

They have $4300 on Indiegogo so far, though 1/2 of that is from 12 $100 pledgers and one $1000 pledger. Note that by using Indiegogo they’ve chosen the “flexible funding” option that means they get all the money whether they make their goal of $60k or not.

I suppose I support this in so far as it seems like this is an effort to keep their doors open in order to keep working on SotS II and it’s expansions, but that said I have little interest.

As mentioned their only non-SotS game so far was a good idea that was riddled with bugs, control issues, and a general lack of polish, so my hopes aren’t high.

Barnum is still right.

Wow, after SOTS2 it will be a LONG TIME before i even look at this. Is SOTS2 even playable yet, i think i bought it many many months ago and soon realized they ripped me off.

Possibly the one game i truly felt like i had been mugged for my wallet.

Agree. Waiting on reviews.

Perhaps it escaped your notice, but there’s currently a thread on that game on the first page of the forum. SOTSII is likely going to have the “all clear” announcement within a week (a beta patch of the “all clear” patch candidate is available). Yes, it’s quite playable. It is not everybody’s cup of tea, I’m sure, but it’s certainly playable and from a subjective viewpoint quite fun. As an FYI, the additional time has allowed Kerberos to flesh out the game more than was originally intended with a first release, so it’s a somewhat deeper game than first envisioned. Furthermore, it will be receiving more updates and expansions in the future.

This in no way is an excuse for what happened and therefore shouldn’t be seen as any kind of get-out-of-jail/doghouse-free card for Paradox (who said it was their fault and shipped an unfinished game by essentially forcing it out the door, happy to take your money regardless) or Kerberos (who produced the unfinished game, and withheld publicly acknowledging the extent of its state for a while after “release”). They have both finally made good on the promise of the game, but it would have obviously been better for everyone to simply have delayed the release alongside the refunds which were provided.

They would have to come up with a Fallen Enchantress type comeback-effort for me to consider their stuff again.

It’s a little sidegame to get some income from while they continue their love-affaire with SOTS, however its far from my type of game…so I’m sceptical…

They’ve more than redeemed themselves with SOTS 2 in my eyes, they’ve really pulled out the stops to create the dream they were denied at launch.

Its just that consumers are impatient bitches.

Bleh, impatient? i think i bought it on release, and i tried it on and off for a good 3-4 months and it was a bug ridden crash-fest after a certain number of turns. Most unfinished game i ever bought.

If they have given the “all clear” i will try again as i love the genre. Never again will i buy a paradox kerberos game on release though. Both companies knew exactly what they were doing releasing the mess of a game they did, i guess they hoped the good will of the hardcore fans would not object to the state of the game?

I’ll try it again sometime, i un-installed in a fit of frustrated anger months ago. I think i’ll pass on the “beta” all clear patch though, as any more problems and i will likely never play the game again!

Well, i havnet tried the launch beta but the game is really complex and in some ways majestic now. Okay, it ain’t Victoria complex, but for a space game it’s up there

It’s been a year since I paid full price for the game at release (and the promise was made that the all-clear was 3-4 months away), it’s still not ready, and I’m an impatient bitch?

Blow me.

No, you are an example to us all at the virtue of patience :)

Nice word salad.

Seriously why is anything you said a good thing.

Some of us like complexity and depth to our TBS games?

Maybe even a lot of us?

Apologies for being salty about it, but just saying something’s complex like it’s an inherently good thing is a pet peeve of mine. Especially since SOTS really focused on streamlining the 4X experience, and did an admirable job of it.

I mean if you want “complex and majestic” you can always go play some MOO3.

I don’t remember MoO3 being either complex or majestic. Then again, in an act of self-preservation, my brain has blotted out most of my memories of that game.

I’d agree, with the remnants of my own forcibly erased memories of that game. MOO3 was simply buried under pointless crap, and was not very complex at all once you understood the mechanics and figured out what mattered and what didn’t.

SotS2 is deep and complex. Complex doesn’t mean buried by minutiae, just that there’s a lot to take in and consider in your strategy. If someone wants a simple and “light” 4X game, then it is not for you.