Swords of Ditto

Charming little co-op (2 player) rogue-like in the style of Link to the Past:

This comes out today but GMG still hasn’t assigned me a key yet.

wonder why no xbox. I prefer coop on xbox since we have 2 of them and my woman and I can coop with one purchase.

C’mon man.

All of that sounds like a brilliant game to me. But what I’ve experienced falls shy of brilliant. Fun, undoubtedly, and certainly compelling to keep plugging away at, all beautifully displayed in lovely cartoon graphics, with lovely smart-ass dialogue. A game I’ve definitely enjoyed a lot. But enough frustrations exist that the coming together of all those good ideas just doesn’t quite feel complete to me.

Still, reasonably priced enough for me to support wholeheartedly.

Well I’m not a huge fan of RPS reviews in general, but I would agree that (1) the movement is too slow (I can totally see it becoming frustrating) and (2) waiting for things to finish “dropping” to pick them up was annoying even in my first play (which saw me fail the very first scripted time, then setting up the “every 100 years” bit).

No pickup animations. No waiting for pickup animations. These are the rules games, forevermore.

I will say I think the graphics are phenominal, and I think the game has a lot of promise. But I noticed the movespeed thing right off. I can’t comment on the unveiling of the progression mechanics yet.