Humm, this might seem like a weird subject, but, oh well.
Does anyone like swords? caneswords? if so, can you recommend some of good quality?

I was looking at these tonight but I can’t find many other places that offer good stuff.



I’ll take swords for five hundred.


The only sword I have is a cane sword. It’s pretty cool, it has a polished wooden sheath and pommel, and it looks nice on the wall. If you want one just for something to play around with, I’d recommend getting something with a hilt instead, though. I’ve had mine for years, and I don’t actually remember where I got it, sorry.

Personally, I prefer guns and knives to swords, but that’s just me.

I was thinking a cane sword, yeah, they do seem nice.

They are a lot heavier than you might expect.

Why do I keep thinking “USB stick”?

300 grams is heavy?! That’s less than a pound – what were you expecting?

These do look pretty damn cool. I’ve got an el-cheapo swordcane made out of a sanded down fencing epee blade, but have longed to get something a bit snazzier.

I’m more of a bludgeoning kind of guy.

Unfortunately, they’re very illegal here in NYC. When my wife was taking criminal law, she got the penal code, and there’s a very specific mention of caneswords being specifically illegal (along with “swagger sticks”).

I have a katana!

Though I don’t remember where I got it. It just sits on a shelf. I’m pretty sure it was from a fair, and really cheap. It seems of alright quality, though the scabbard is falling apart.

Haven’t tried cutting anything with it, and I’ve had it for 4 years.

Yeah, they’re very illegal everywhere I’ve lived. Juan, do you want one just because it’s cool, or are you envisioning its use for protection? Because I worry that if the cops down there in Honduras caught you with it at a protest or something you’d wind up dead.

I think I’d rather have a good solid wooden cane than a sword cane anyway.

I think it’s silly to carry one as a weapon. You would have to be extremely skillful for it to be superior to most other concealable weapons, and as a sword, it is as bad a weapon as a sword can be. The ones I’ve seen have been quite cheap, and it would be fragile and unbalanced compared to a proper smallsword. A solid cane would be better for most purposes, not to mention a heavy umbrella – though it’s hard to find a sturdy one these days. Brandishing a sword in public is for all intents and purposes a request to be shot.

That being said, I must say the notion of carrying a sword cane is kind of cool.

The sword cane I have is lethal and effective, if a bit short. Very directly analogous to a small sword, and it’s certainly not unbalanced. And no, a solid cane or heavy umbrella would not be anywhere near as effective.

But, of course I don’t carry it on the street, where I suspect you’d have to have some sort of concealed carry permit. Obviously, it’s less effective than a gun, but also considerably less dangerous to have lying around the house.

Maybe you’d understand if you didn’t have tampons in your ears.

Just because they look damn cool really, would never bring a weapon to a protest. For self-defense, I’d agree that a good, solid cane is probably best (but would also never bring one to a protest).

As for carrying something like that in Honduras, I haven’t checked, but campesinos walk around with machetes in their belts all the time all over the country (no scabbards either, just a string of rope to tie them to their belts).

These Burger Knives look like they are well done, but at 800 bucks for the MK IV I figured that, like with swords, there would be some of better manufacture, and more expensive. I am not really gonna buy one right now, just, you know, was keen to look at some and read about it.

I love swords.


Some day.

Damn. I really like some of those. A longsword would look wonderful hanging in my mancave.


That has to be a joke.