Syberia 2

Wow, one of my favorite game(s) finally getting the third installment! Thanks for the tip. I had given up on there ever being another one.

Syberia 1 was about Kate, while Syberia 2 was more about Hans and his quest. And I agree, the first game wrapped things up pretty well. But that doesn’t mean that the sequel wasn’t a very enjoyable title in its own right.

I hope that Syberia 3 has nothing to do with the isle of Syberia and is instead about other adventures involving Kate and, er, well… I don’t wanna spoil anything if you didn’t play Syberia 2.

So yeah, I think the two games are meant to be played together. In fact, given the abysmally slow pacing of each game, I feel like they’re a single story painstakingly dragged out over the course of two installments. Mostly though, I have no idea where they hope to go storywise with a third game.

Unless it’s Syberia 3: Modern Warfare, and then I’m all over it. Syberia 3: Combat Evolved would also be acceptable. That reminds me, I never did get around to playing Dreamfall

  • Alan

Man, I just finished Syberia recently, haven’t started II yet, working on Dreamfall right now, and still have the Adventure Collection, Anthology, Space Quest Collection, The Last Express, and others waiting to be played. Is there a list of all the adventure games released for Xbox 1 somewhere?

I never played Dreamfall either. I own it on both Steam and on the 360 (as an Xbox Original) so I could play it either way.

The Longest Journey was one of my favorite adventure games, as far as story was concerned, but just like all adventure games I’ve played, I absolutely hated the gameplay. But TLJ had so much charm and great dialog, it didn’t matter that I didn’t like the gameplay.

Syberia, by contrast, was very good gameplay wise. I don’t remember being stuck on any puzzles, or feeling like any of the puzzles were convoluted, or in any way unintuitive, which is something I feel about most classic adventure games, including the Monkey Island series, Full throttle, Grim Fandango, and a bunch of others that I’ve played.

Syberia’s puzzles most involved contraptions that all made logical sense to me and fit nicely into the universe that the game had created. A true rarity for adventure games in my experience.