Sydney Primus Fans?

Sorry to make a thread for such a narrow topic.

I’m being sent to Sydney on Monday 28 Feb for work and on a whim I bought a ticket to see Primus and the Melvins Monday night in Sydney. Anyone else going to this show? I’d rather meet up than go by myself.

FYI Primus killed it and the Melvins nearly melted my face off.

This was the first time in my life I’ve ever gone to a concert by myself. All in all a grand experience.

Gosh, I didn’t know Primus were still together. Good to hear.

Their latest album, Green Naugahyde, has some real gems. I particularly like “Tragedy’s a’ Comin’”, “Jilly’s on Smack”, “Moron TV”, and “Extinction Burst”. Elements of Claypool’s solo career are present but it is definitely Primus. Of course, I liked the Brown Album, so what do I know?