SyFy or Sci Fi?

I’m confused. I thought they changed their name, but I still see “Sci Fi Channel” in ads for this new Warehouse 13 series.

I prefer Sci Fi. I think Syfy is horrendous. Which one is it?

The name change happens Tuesday. You didn’t try to google for that info?

I’d been wondering the same thing, as the Sci Fi -> Syfy announcement was quite a while ago.

They’ve been running on-screen trails announcing that this monstrously stupid change will take effect on July 7 for a while.

Ah. I don’t watch the channel that often, mostly only a few minutes here or there if some Sci Fi Original Movie catches my eye as I surf past (I have a weakness for terrible movies, what can I say).

Ok, thanks. No, I didn’t try to google it, because when the news broke I figured they’d actually made the change. I don’t have cable so I don’t get the channel so I didn’t know it was still called Sci Fi.

I’ve started watching a bit of Hulu lately and that’s where I saw the trailer for Warehouse 13. Kind of odd that the ads for the trailer say “Sci Fi” when by the time the show premieres it will be “SyFy.”

Maybe the guys making the trailers are taking a “fuck that” attitude toward the name change. I know I am.

You made a whole thread to find out info about a namechange you dislike for a channel you don’t get and don’t watch? Okay.

Kind of odd that the ads for the trailer say “Sci Fi” when by the time the show premieres it will be “SyFy.”

Why? The promos are today. Today the channel is called Sci-Fi. I assume when the channel actually changes its name the promos will change too.

I never said I disliked it, at least in this thread. I don’t have cable, so I don’t have access to it.

And yes, I did indeed make a thread to ask a question about something that puzzled me. What a strange concept for a message board!

Yeah, threads are a precious natural resource – you’ll be sorry, Mark, once we reach Peak Thread and have to make do with recycling old Koontz diatribes and whatnot.

Enh, I think it can be argued the board becomes harder to read and search over time, but I more just mean it seemed weird to even bother asking. Whatever.


Is July 7th also the day that Fidgit becomes Fydgyt?

Brought to you by Tom Chyck?


It’s Sci-Fi.

Maybe SF, since the whole reason for the name change was to broaden the brand name to all speculative fiction (to basically catch up with their programming for the past decade). But I’d rather be unclear and confusing than call it by that new name.

Shhhh! They might hear you.


I’m pronouncing it “siffy” forever.

I’m with you on this. I absolutely detest the stupid ways that companies force people to spell shit nowadays. Who in their right mind came up with SyFy? I had to go check the spelling on it just now to make double sure they actually plan on spelling it that way. I fear for our future. :(

I sent them an e-mail telling them how stupid the department is that made this decision and how most people will end up thinking about Syphilis when they see/sound out Syfy. Surprisingly I did not get a return mail.

I used to like SciFi, especially when it was home to some of the odder SF shows that couldn’t find a home on network television. That was about 10-15 years ago. Now, however, it’s mostly retreads, the “original” SciFi movie of the week, and the occasional bright show I can watch on hulu. Friday nights used to be somewhat entertaining, but no longer, and certainly not this summer.

When I heard the station was changing its name to SyFy because “scifi” had the image of acned adolescents playing rpgs in their mommy’s basement, I cringed. Not because their stereotype is inaccurate–those of us who’ve read SF for years have known that only n00bs call the genre “sci fi”–but because they thought that “syfy” was oh so much hipper and trendier. Oh, and copyrightable/trademarkable.

15 years ago, the only reason I subscribed to cable television is because my then boyfriend and now husband loves television, and when he’d come to visit, he liked watching television and specifically the SciFi channel. With the dearth of decent programming on the channel, he’s moved on to the History Channel, with the odd program from PBS tossed in for good measure.

I have less reason to subscribe now than ever.

Even worse, most people seem to naturally type it as “SyFy”, when the official spelling is “Syfy”.