Sync Save Games Across Two Computers

A “repack” eh? Okay, I guess I’ll search for such a thing.

Yeah I’m not gonna link to one directly. ;)

I think it’s weird that sometimes, it’s easier to get an old game to play on a modern PC by emulating a whole different system and playing on an emulator.

Really should be a better way of keeping old games working.

Understood, but shall I avail myself of Usenet?

I mean, I’ve got the CD/DVD somewhere and even the manual (from when games came with such things) and possibly the box. It was the Black Edition. I also got it on the 360 but that is now mothballed, and it was never updated for the Xbox One.

Nah, just google it and you’ll find it. No need to make this complicated.

Thanks. Fingers crossed.

You’re making this a bigger deal than it actually is, which is weird.

The worst thing that can happen is it doesn’t work. I’ll scan it for any viruses or whatever. I’m not too worried. It just sucks that EA de-listed it. I have the 2012 version by Criterion and it was a solid game but not as good in some ways.

Speaking of the main thread topic, I discovered yesterday to my chagrin that the Epic Game Store version of Horizon Zero Dawn did not save my progress in that game to the cloud, so when I fired the game up after transferring it to my new rig I was greeted with the opening movie. :facepalm:

Supposedly, a more recent patch of the game is supposed to support cloud saves. For now I have to go hunt down the saved game file on my old PC like a savage.

If you’re already jumping through hoops, and since you already own the game on XBox, why not emulate it?

Turns out it works (and looks!) great (thanks @BrianRubin for the tip) and played it a couple of hours last night. The only thing that’s a bit tricky is the controller support, which I bet the OG PC version didn’t even have. IIRC back when I first played it on an XP machine I probably hooked up a joystick or something. Thank the gods MS finally got serious about games and made the 360 Controller and its successors the standards, but a game that came out in late 2005 just as the 360 was being launched would be agnostic about that.