Synergy question

I downloaded and installed synergy today and am generally very pleased. I have one main production machine that has a monitor attached. To my right I have four test machine stacked up; all of them are attached to a KVM with another monitor.

I would like to install synergy on all of them and always be able to access the one that the KVM currently has up on the display. I would also like to always mouse to the right of my screen to access any of the machines on the KVM. I thought I could do this with the alias feature, but it doesn’t work that way. Am I missing something? Any ideas?

I think I could make an access to each of the 4 kvm boxes via each of the four sides of my desktop, but I don’t think that’s practical. I’m afraid the cursor will get lost and I’ll have to thrash around to get it back.

EDIT: <–Synergy is an application for setting up multiple machines as if they were a single machine with multiple monitors.

It’s not going to work, Tim. There is no way for synergy (or any other app) to know which computer you have the KVM switched to.

At work, we’re using RealVNC to avoid the KVM problem entirely.

  • Alan

I was thinking it could just go to all of them, but I guess that’s not a great idea, either.

While clicking away on server B, Mr Elhajj inadvertantly dumped all server A’s hard disk into the recycle bin.