Synths, music hardware, your SoundCloud, etc.

So it turns out we have some synth fans here! I’m going to move over some posts from the Playdate topic.

Do you have a synth? Do you make electronic music? Do you want to talk about that? Do you want us to listen to your SoundCloud? You are in the correct topic.

(psst. @SadleyBradley, @krayzkrok, @geggis)

Welp, I fell down a rabbit hole and ordered one of these:

If they had had the KO in stock, I would have ordered one right there and figured out how to pay for it later. Those are amazing.

I’ve been eyeballing those for a while and never seen them in stock. Also eyeballing this but it’s way too expensive.

The op-z also is amazing:

Anyhow, I just got a Korg minilogue xd so I need to stop browsing the teenage engineering site.

The OP-1 looks so cool. I hadn’t heard of Teenage Engineering until this thread, and now a big chunk of my day got eaten up.

This is one of my recent favourite videos:

Yuri Wong really knows his way around that device so check out his other vids.

Oh and I apologise in advance for that tune getting stuck in your head.

I have a Korg Kross 61. I have a SoundCloud with no electronic music (yet) but some tracks I played/arranged on the Kross. And I’m getting used with LMMS and FL Studio to try my hand at PC-based music making, with two projects I had in my mind for a long time.

I’d love to have a proper audio interface and Ableton Live, but I don’t have money for either, so I try to manage with what I do have. ;)

Do Roland MIDI units count? I have a couple of them. ;)

I have no synths, no music hardware (acoustic guitar aside, which my dad has had for a few years now) and no Soundcloud! I’ve just always had a passing interest in some of the processes of making and recording music and sound. I don’t necessarily understand much of it but I hugely respect it.

At university I did quite a bit of sound recording/sampling and manipulating for interactive pieces, usually accompanying animation. For that I used SoundForge but these days it’s Audacity and I’ve got access to Adobe CC so that’s Audition which I haven’t used yet.

I’ll be sure to swing by here with any interesting stuff I come across!

I just bought it a few days ago! The xd is very hard to find, so when I saw one, I snagged it quickly :)

We also are in the midst of a furniture transition, so sadly, it doesn’t have a “home” at the moment. I’ve been dragging it around the house and playing on my lap.

So… in my limited experimentation, it’s awesome! For a small all-in-one that is reasonably priced, it has a very rich feature set, IMO. You can get it without the keyboard, if that’s your preference.

I’ll post more impressions when I get the tables moved and rearranged and can hook it up to my computer, etc. Apologies that my impressions are thin at the moment!

Here’s a photo, though!

@krayzkrok Have you checked this out?

I enjoyed all of those. Really nice. If I had to pick a favorite, I think it would be Hive Mind.

I look forward to listening to anything else you want to upload.

Also - @Clay thanks for creating this. While I am not a music creative type person, I really enjoy listening to all sorts of music.

I had a problem a year or so ago…I’ll post the list of synths, controllers and beatmakers that problem resulted in when I get to my PC…

Really good stuff krok!

Hey, that was great and I want to hear more!

@krayzkrok I like that stuff! As I clicked on the link, I wondered if there would be any crocodile representation on the page, and you did not disappoint!

I have the cheap copy of Ableton and an Akai MPK Mini. That’s about what my budget and space can support. I’m almost entirely self-taught, so pretty much everything I’ve made is… rough. I want to spend some time with some more formal electronic music production education.

My problem is that I’ve never really had a preservation strategy for my musical excretions. There’s at least one song each on our family’s iMac (now gone), my college laptop (hasn’t been touched in around ten years, jury’s out on whether it’ll boot), our iPad (a few songs split between BeatMaker 2 and GarageBand), and my desktop. None of those have been uploaded anywhere, nor do I think most of them should be. I do hate the more recent stuff less, though, so it probably deserves to live somewhere.

I have trouble finishing things (like everyone who makes music) but sometimes I stumble on an idea I like, even if I can’t do anything with it in the long run :(

Here’s a quick 7 second loop of an industrial thing I worked on a bit:

I also like setting instruments to midi I find online, here’s Bloody Tears:

Edit: I’m exhausted enough to post this. I almost never share. Also, this means you guys have to share too. Also I’m bad. :D Apologies for edits breaking the embed if you happened to be listening during the edits.

Really cool stuff! I’ll share more as soon as I can, but it might take a while.

BTW, I might be (finally) buying a proper audio interface this week. Best choice around here is probably the Steinberg Ur22mkii, so I’m probably getting that. And Reaper. And then let’s see what happens. ;)

I do have this odd improvisation I did on my Korg 01/W ages ago, but it is an improvisation of various themes over a piano-with-delayed-percussion kind of sound. I like it but it’s fragmented, incomplete, and far from eletronic music, so I’m not sure it would be nice to share, even more with the great sounding stuff already in this thread, but maybe I will. ;)

I’ve been playing with a few iPad synths and drum machines. Some highlights:

Patterning 2 is a pretty slick drum machine, though I need to find the instruction manual online:

Also on the Synth side, I’ve been playing with Audiokit Synth One

and Audiokit Digital D1

as well as the Moog Model 15 app:

I haven’t tried out the Animoog app, but it has great reviews:

I don’t know anything about this Touche product, but it looks like these guys went to Chernobyl and had an EDM dance party for two.