Syria,Saudi Arabia, much to do about nothing

From the NYT:

On Tuesday, the U.S. Senate voted to impose sanctions on Syria, which the United States says is letting militants into Iraq to fight its troops there, aiding anti-Israeli militants and dominating neighboring Lebanon.

From which came the reply:

"The Syria Accountability Act will not affect oil production or marketing but could affect the American companies working in Syria,’’ Syria’s Oil Minister Ibrahim Haddad told a news conference.

…and the implication that it will hurt the US more than it will hurt Syria. What purpose does it serve to openly sanction Syria? It won’t really hurt them, doesn’t serve to solicit any real change in their practices, and shows the world we are a mouthpiece for Isreal. It also begs the question: What to do about Saudia Arabia? This is the real quagmire in the middle east, not Iraq.

The Saudis have ‘harbored’, or birthed more roots of anti-american and anti-semetic terrorism than most other countries combined. When is the US administration going to hold them accountable? The recent escalation of bombings in Saudi territory is only the beginning against a regime widely seen as as an ally and tool of the US government. There is a point when the Saudis will secretly ask us for help or we force ourselves upon them to protect our oil interests. Either way such an act will be frowned upon by the zealots as infidel infiltration, igniting a new wave of hatred and more attacks. Unfortunately, this situation may be unavoidable.