System Shock 1 Story Question

I played SS1 about halfway through a few years ago before getting stuck, and never finished it, but playing SS2 again now has left me with a question about the first game.

In SS1, do you ever find out why Edward Diego coerced the hacker into removing SHODANs ethical constraints? It can’t have been her that put him up to it, because surely that would have been unethical? Why did he want this to happen?


I believe it was because he wanted to use SHODAN for his own nefarious ends, as an power play within Trioptimum.

Of course, like most of these things there is no real answer if it wasn’t spelled out in the game, but that’s certainly what I always thought it was.

Next time I see Austin Grossman, I’ll ask him though.

(I was one of the programmers on SS1, BTW).

And the second one, you icon of modesty :)

Thanks for the reply.

From the excellent archives of

Level 5 Flight deck Logs:

Bianca Schuler
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“Report to Trioptimum Security on Edward Diego. We’re going to nail this sucker soon. On my first day working for him as personal secretary, I found huge evidence in the research computer cyberspace of a cover-up. Nothing to link it with the mutagen experiments, but I am still trying. Diego has personal locks on a lot of the files I need. Today, the body of a staffer who protested Diego’s involvement was found stuffed in a service corridor, horribly mutilated. This thing is big; my own life may be in danger.”

Edward Diego
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"I learned that I am under investigation by Trioptimum Internal Security. We have to burn the evidence. The logs of the experiments are protected by the security system SHODAN, so I am hiring a programmer to crack it. With control of SHODAN, we will also own the robots and other systems on the station. That will be my shield if they try and oust me. "

SS1 is easily one of the best games I’ve ever played. Hats off to Xemu and anyone else who is reading this and was involved.

Smart! Thanks for that!

I’m getting the urge to re-install it. So glad I picked up the budget re-release of the CD version in 95…