System Shock 2 gets widescreen

I normally try to keep my cross-forum pollination to a minimum, but since I know there are a lot of SS2 and widescreen gaming fans here, I thought this might be of interest–

System Shock 2 Widescreen mod

Looks like the real expanded-FOV deal, I’d say.

Considering how awesome the multiplayer coop is, I wish it would get the ability to save multiplayer games without them getting corrupted and broken half the time :[

Pretty cool that people are still adding to a game this old though :]

Soon someone will publish a widescreen game with a 360 degree field of vision. And the crowd will roar and we will ask ourself how anyone can still publish games with 350 degrees FOV or less. </irony>

I remember actually getting chills of joy when I first saw SS2. An experience which has not been repeated, until now.