System Shock 3: SHODAN Showdown

OK, so I made up the subtitle, but has anyone heard anything about whether or not this is actually happening? I remember PC Gamer saying fairly definitvely that one of the EA studios was on it.

Yes, I know the spiritual heir and recipient of Ken Levine’s genius is BioShock, but I can’t help hoping that this series is continuing. Any word?

It’s true that in this particular case, a spiritual sequel is nice, but the actual character of SHODAN is such a powerful character that a real sequel has a lot of significance. I hope the rumors are true.

And I hope its the studio with Doug Church in it that’s developing a sequel at EA, if they are indeed doing so.

They renewed the trademark last I heard, but nothing else.

Time to point at Kieron’s write-up on Shodan again. ;)


Last I heard it was being worked on but it wasn’t even due to be shown till 2008.

It’s funny, in a weird way BioShock is doing a lot to raise the profile of the System Shock franchise. EA really stands to benefit if BioShock is successful.

… nah.

Well, given that the folks who did SS2 were not the ones who did SS1, it wouldn’t be the first time that Shodan had passed from one dev house to another successfully. Shodan is bigger than any dev house.

Yep. Much as I loved System Shock 2, many of the conventions that made it so fantastic were set in the first game. Provided that it’s worked on by a team that gets what made SS and SS2 so great, I think there’s every chance it could be awesome.

This isn’t strictly true. Many of the same people are credited for working on both SS1 and SS2 (Doug Church among them), and a significant chunk of the rest were former or current Looking Glass employees.

Irrational is pretty much “Looking Glass: The Next Generation” as far as I’m concerned (Ion Storm Austin would be “Looking Glass: Voyager”).


I’ve been trying to play SS2 again on my computer, but XP (in my case) completely rejects it.

This should get you running:

If not, the people there will be more than happy to figure out what your problem is.

Follow the advice in this thread Scrax. I ran into the different problems with Thief 1, 2, and System Shock 2. But the technical FAQs helped me get through the problems eventually. A key one is not being able to see the cutscenes anymore, that one is an important one to solve, and is listed in that FAQ.

Don’t be discouraged, it’s worth it to re-install it. Especially if you enhance the game with the new fan made upgraded textures.

EDIT: Zylon beat me to it. Well done sir.