System Shock 3?

Read to the end… apparently there is a Shock-related announcement tomorrow.



Makes sense that they shut down that SS2/Doom 3 mod…

And you buggers poo-pooed Bill Harris’s prediction about SS3.

I’m really hoping for an announcement of SS3 made with Doom 3 tech. SS3 is the game Doom 3 tech was created for.

[size=7]PLEASE GOD[/size]

I’m really hoping for an announcement of SS3 made with Doom 3 tech. SS3 is the game Doom 3 tech was created for.

Why do people keep on saying this? I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in stumbling through a Megadeth on black velvet recreation of Citadel Station. When the Doom 3 can handle light as well as it can handle being a monitor-turn-off simulation, I’ll relent. Doom 3 has to be the worst debut game for an engine ever.

Anyway, I seriously doubt it. What does it cost to license the Doom 3 engine? Half a mil?

If my memory serves me correct Irrational were looking to hire people with Unreal engine experience a while ago (6 months plus). I remember the diehard Shock fans pointing out when those jobs were advertised that this might mean that when we saw Shock 3 or a similar game in a faithful vein which seems more likely, it would probably be based on somewhat modified latest version of the Unreal engine.

I’d also guess that since those jobs were in the USA, it will be the Boston studio and not the Canberra one who is working on it.

Tribes: Vengeance is unreal-based, as is the SWAT game or whatever it is Boston is working on.

No, that nod goes to Aliens vs. Predator 3. :P

To keep this short:
Of course they’re only doing it because I told them to.

Dear Irrationals, please don’t make it an XBox port!
Oh, and I’m looking forward to Terri’s three voice roles in this one.

Wait, wait. Doom 3 did a bad job with lighting? Seems fine to me, especially if you turn the lights off in the room you’re computer is in. Also, System Shock 2 wasn’t exactly the brightest game around.

Besides, Irrational will surely retool the textures and lighting if it’s really that bad.

I certainly can’t think of a better graphics engine for an FPS that wants to be scary than Doom 3.

I do think Doom 3 the game went overboard with relying on Silent Hill’s old gimmick of 99% darkness / 1% flashlight, but that’s certainly not the fault of the game engine, which was just spectacular.

I think Thief 3 (custom Unreal engine) had better lighting and over engine than doom 3

Did Doom 3 have levels larger than the average studio apartment though?

Did System Shock 2?

Please I hope that those in charge will make it more like SS1. Hide the RPG elements a little better and work on an varied and interesting yet cohesive level design!

I’m kind of worried about the story too. Is this going to be another ghost space ship/station?

Yes. Several.

I liked how apparent the RPG elements were. They were represented as a cyber interface/computer that jived well with the whole cybernetically enhanced solider theme.

Where’s the update that Gamespot promised? If they finally report Irrational is going to do a SS2 screen safer after all, I will gladly jump from the nearest bridge.

BTW, I’d kill in order to get to download that Ken Levine interview video, but for us ad-watchers there’s just stream.
Y’know, I’d kill, but I won’t subscribe. :)