System Shock 3

Maybe the audience just doesn’t exist for such a game if it isn’t also being developed on a shoestring indie budget, or isn’t getting cash infusions from whales.

This is a weird stance since these days you don’t really need a publisher.

I wonder if what they’re really looking for is more money to finish the game.

Publishers help with marketing too. That’s what killed Prey, nobody knew about it.

Nobody knew about Fallout: New Vegas, either. Or maybe I’m just making up an excuse.

F:NV had a strong IP and followed a successful game.

The point I was trying to make was that Fallout: NV was less successful than Fallout 3 or Fallout 4 because it tried to be smart. But looking at it further the sales for FNV were actually still very good.

I don’t share your dim view of gamers, my feeling is F:NV undersold F3/F4 because it wasn’t marketed to the same degree and was outrageously buggy.

If F:NV were marketed based on its strengths it would have offended a lot of people.

I’m not saying there aren’t games that are smart. I mean, there are plenty of strategy games. Even games like NMS or Subnautica require careful planning and execution. But approaching mature topics with maturity isn’t something AAA publishers can sell to teenagers (or PewDiePie).

The irony being they had a publisher - Bethesda. Seems Bethsoft did their best to not do anything.

I was talking about this.


Yeah, that is pretty freaky. Please do not show me that at this point in time.


Can’t unsee this.


The fact that Otherside Entertainment owns this IP makes baby jesus cry. Underworld Ascendant was a steaming pile of dog shit and even 3 major patches later it is marginally playable. The company should have been shuttered and the SS IP released but somehow they held on.

The game was hot garbage and its backers felt (rightly) swindled by the alpha test that was released as a finished product. tl:dr- Unless Otherside farms out development this game’s chance of resembling anything like SS 1 or 2 is approximately zero percent.

For the umpty-nth time, SS3 is being developed by a completely different team within Otherside. It’s precisely analogous to the development of Daikatana and Deus Ex. Both Ion Storm, but separate teams. In fact, just like Deus Ex, the SS3 team is located in Austin and headed up by Warren Spector.

System Shock 25th anniversary live stream this evening.

SHODAN is a great villainess, which is what Prey ultimately lacked. Although it replaced it essentially with a weird family mystery.

This exactly.

Pisses me off that Kick’s name is associated with the original product. It’s like as if (classic band here) held a reunion party and the corporate current music rights owner thinks he’s part of the band.

“Aerosmith 40th anniversary featuring some guy from Sony!”

Oh, that’s exactly what it is.

It has begun.