System Shock Enhanced on GOG

Super sorry if there’s another thread about this.

I hadn’t heard that this was even a thing until I was looking through GOG tonight. Seems pretty awesome.

Has anyone tried it?

I played the original from disks with a fan-made patch that implemented mouselook and a higher resolution. From what I can tell, this release uses those (or similar) patches. It worked pretty well, although the game can still be hard on the eyes, resolution aside. I assume a lot more people have played System Shock 2, and it’s probably a better realized version of what’s going on in SS1, but it’s still a worthwhile thing to delve into if you like that kind of experience and especially if you want to see how it started and evolved. I think you’d have to go back to Ultima Underworld to reach any further back in the immersive-action-RPG family tree.

Just tried it, works like a champ. E for mouselook makes it a whole new ballgame really.

I always preferred the first one to SS2. SS2 is great, but it’s different. The first one was more sci-fi, less horror and I liked that better. I recommend reading System Shock : the hacker’s guide to sin after you play the first one. It’s pretty amusing.