System Shock Remake

Night Dive is working with one of the original artists to remake the first System Shock.

They also say they’re talking about a third game in the series but if doesn’t sound like there’s anything there yet.

Article says they’ve been trying (and failing) to get the rights to rerelease No One Lives Forever. Try harder, guys! (Or better: don’t be jerks, people who own NOLF!)

I went and bought a boxed copy of NOLF on eBay a few weeks ago. I loved the sequel but for some reason never got around to playing the original. I’m hoping it’s not too big a pain in the ass to set up on 10.

I remember liking the first one better.

I think a lot could be done with today’s technology for System Shock. NOLF would be amazing too. So many languishing IPs…

‘wanna buy a monkey’?

I liked NOLF original better than the sequels as well. I still consider NOLF the best pure shooter ever made.

War and Peace was such a great novel. Someone should make another one of these.

Heathen! NOLF2 was solid gold!

A remake of SS would be great. I’d actually settle for just improved graphics and have everything else kept the way it was.

Yeah, put me on the NOLF1 > NOLF2 bus. It took me multiple tries to get into NOLF2 because the levels were just too long, packed with a bunch of the same enemies. It was like a movie that needed an editor.

No it wasn’t. There was a lot of suck in NOLF2, which I have ranted about at length in the past (TLDR: truly nonsensical plot, forced stealth sections, insane respawning, etc).

As for a System Shock remake… it seems with Shock-inspired games like Alien: Isolation and Soma doing decent business these days (and Routine hopefully coming soon) that the time is ripe for the original to make an encore appearance. So it could, theoretically, turn out well. But the critical question is, who develops it? My personal best-case scenario would be for the OtherSide Entertainment guys to take a whack at it after they finish Underworld Ascendant. They are, after all, the closest thing to the original Looking Glass still around.

I’m serious guys. Remakes like these always end in tears.

Unless you consider Fallout 4 a remake of Wasteland.

I don’t know, Xcom turned out pretty good.

Polygonhas the first look at the Unity-powered remake:

Well, it certainly evokes memories of that starting room…

That’s actually better than I would have hoped for. Looks like they’re going to keep the layouts exactly the same, which hopefully means they’ll keep the gameplay exactly the same, and just prettify things and update the controls. If they keep the game as-is but with 3D models and maybe physics on corpses and items that’d be pretty peachy.

In other Shock-related news, it looks like Otherside Entertainment (Underworld: Ascendant) are working on System Shock 3. Kickstarter campaign incoming?

The first time I scanned that line I read it as Obsidian Entertainment.


Well, Otherside makes sense since they have a number of ex-LGS vets on board. Obsidian are going to announce their rebooted North Carolina Project early next year, and they’re planning a FIG-funded game, too, so they have their hands full.

Here’s a link to the countdown page (Ends in a little under 6 days).