System Shock Remake


Yeah, that looks great. It already looks like a huge update from the original, but without changing the look and feel of it too much.


That looks great!


At first glance it looks remarkably similar to the original Unity prototype from two years ago, although the lighting, effects and details are better. Hopefully the rest of the game is closer to being built!


No mobs, either. Geometry is the easy part.


Is it possible they’ve got TOO much of the atmospherics going on there?

Still, it’s incredible seeing such familiar spaces in that updated form.


This looks very promising. Hope they manage to complete it.


This was my thought as well. It’s like they threw as many special effects as possible at every scene, just because they want you to feel like the original experience has been ‘upgraded’. I’m still impressed though that the weird, cramped architecture of the original actually feels like it’s a realistic space with these effects.


I think it looks less “busy” than the original. To my eyes at least. The original still looks like it’s too much for my brain to process.


Oh, no doubt. I don’t think the original ever looked GREAT exactly–partly technical limitations, partly art direction. This looks far better, and more like a real place. Just a real place with… smoke everywhere?


There are quite a few mobs shown in the video.


Not in the new one, just the old one from 2016.


My bad, didn’t scroll up far enough!

And yeah, the smoke/fog is a little excessive.


I’m a sucker for environmental effects so I think it looks cool, if perhaps a little unrealistic. I mean, it’s the medical wing, and the neurosurgery / cryo unit probably has reason to have extraneous blasts of cold vapour everywhere, right? :) I’m assuming other areas on the station will differ, even the maintenance tunnel at the end of the video only has a hanging smokey effect without the jets of steam.

I would like to see some other areas of the station though, I presume they’re much closer to showing these off by this stage in the project. Showing the medical wing again with nothing else was the only disappointing thing about the video, but still it’s looking great if they can see this to completion.


Nightdive posted a full playthrough of the Medical level:


I like the looks of it, though all the fog and specular highlights could use toning down.

Sounds like they’re still struggling with the music. The track that kicks in around 4 minutes in sounds straight out of Minecraft.


Zylon is mostly satisfied. Ship it!


I like what I am seeing, just the right amount of flashing buttons and screens on the walls.


So interesting that a remake of my favorite game ever was the one that put me off Kickstarter for good.

Thanks, Nightdive.


This is… perfect.