Edit: sorry, I was testing a iPhone client and was not able to create new thread. Wanted to capture a screenshot for the dev but turned out I was able to post!! /scratch head

That’s one of the most disgusting pictures I have ever seen.

I think it’s butterscotch. Please tell me it’s butterscotch. Mmmmm… butterscotch!

Looks more like a caramel cadbury egg.

Grafted onto samuel l jackson’s head.

Right then.

Obviously somebody needs to link the sunflower breast. Or perhaps lamprey eye.

please don’t. Sounds scary.

That guy on the left has one EPIC shirt.

Fucking internet, how does it work?

Made by Rob Leifield, apparently.

Gotta love you guys!


Aw, I was expecting some kind of spinoff of N.

Oh boy, a T party!