Just saw the trailer for Terminator 3 and I’m shocked. I kept thinking I had been redirected to another website that had gag trailers or something, it looks that bad.

Sorry if there has already been a thread on this, I couldn’t find one.

It pretty much looked like the last one to me…

I can see that, but the last one was made about 10 years ago wasn’t it? The whole trailer just looked like an ad for a straight to video movie to me.

Yah, it looks horrible. Arnold’s really, really looking old, and it’s got such a b-movie style of direction that I think it’s going to make me cry and try and sacrifice a virgin to the movie Gods to stop fucking things up.

There’s a REASON Linda Hamilton and James Cameron didn’t want to do this movie, and it’s not because either of them were exactly that busy.

Make things go Boom Boom

Ooh, Liquid Metal, Ooh

Tough Liquid Metal. Hot Super-Villian Chick. Hot Hot

“She’ll be Baaack”

Super-Tough Fighter-Bot. Makes things go Boom Boom

OOH… Greenbacks rolling in

I thought I was looking at a teenage blow-up everything hormone fest Bruckheimer movie and then I realized it was T3.

Everyone at the packed theater I was at for Two Towers just groaned when they saw this trailer. Has Arnie become a joke that fast? I guess we have Ranier Wolfcastle to help thank for that.

Anyway, this trailer loooks depressingly bad. I thought the only way you could make a third Terminator movie is to fast forward it to the future and set it in the apocalyptic war between man and machine. You have all those Terminator machines and cyborgs roaming around, with bands of human soldiers battling it out.

But that trailer looks like it’s another “send yet another Terminator back to the past to kill John Connor” plot. Cameron isn’t directing, but isn’t he producing? You’d think he’d have a better plot in mind than this…

Oh yeah… and the opening scene with the skulls and the machine flying overhead had a lot of people convinced it was a Matrix trailer… they were starting to get giddy as the figure with the shotgun was coming at the camera from the mist. But when Arnie emerged out of the smoke, that’s when the collective groan occurred.

Cameron had nothing to do with this project aside from prelim. characters he wrote a long time ago. Aside from that, he didn’t want anything to do with it in the least.

Are you guys sure that was Terminator 3? Could it have been The Last Action Hero 2?

I had the same thing happen with the trailer for Star Trek: Nemesis a few weeks back. At first I thought it was a sequel for Dark City and I almost peed with pleasure. But then some stupid particle was detected by long-range sensors or something and my shoulders slumped.

I started laughing when the voice over guy said, in his most menacing voice, “Her mission…” (show a shot of John Connor looking scared) “to kill us all.”

Hopefully “us” refers to the people responsible for the movie.

It’s amazing how ten years (or more?) will take a franchise from coolness to parody. I remember seeing T2 when it came out, and just being blown away – remember how it was one of the first to use CGI in really effective ways? – and now it’s basically a laughing-stock. For the first 30 seconds of the trailer, I was genuinely interested in seeing what they were going to do with it. That feeling died quickly.

I alwasy compare T2 with Aliens, which is another James Cameron ‘reinvention’ of a franchise. In both cases, the worlds were simultaneously fleshed out and upgraded, WHILE a big cinematic story was being told against that backdrop. T2 and Aliens had a reason to exist.

What does T3 add? Nothing. It has no point other than more $$$ for everyone involved.

But they’re making a prequel to Dumb and Dumber…That’s good news, right?

That looked amazingly cheap. Will they ever stop using the “follow the bomb/rocket/bullet/arrow point of view” shot that we’ve been seeing in every movie since Kevin Costner’s ill-begotten “Robin Hood”?

Oh man, do I get kicked off of the forum for liking Robin Hood? What if I use the “But I was only a freshman in high school” defense?

I started laughing when the voice over guy said, in his most menacing voice, “Her mission…” (show a shot of John Connor looking scared) “to kill us all.”

If the next line is “With her vagina!” then sign me up.

But… but… you ARE the bomb/rocket/bullet/arrow! You understand its angst, its reason for being! It makes you better understand what it’s like to be a bomb/rocket/bullet/arrow. Why, Sparky, I never would have guessed that you are a… uh… projectile-ist.

Yeah, when I saw the trailer, I was a bit let down. I was secretly hoping T3 would instead focus on the dark, ugly, machine-controlled future instead of being another ‘send cyborg back in time’ movie.

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Naw…after all, it contained one of Alan Rickman’s finest scenery-chewing performances.