Tabletop RPGs 2021

I haven’t posted here in a while but I started a new job as the pandemic started last April, and soon after hooked up with some folks at work kicking off a 5e D&D campaign. We played weekly and we completed Storm King’s Thunder a few months ago (I played a Bard) and after that we started Curse of Strahd. I think we’re about 2/3rds of the way through at this point.

We generated characters and played a single session of Blades in the Dark, which I found pretty cool. But I’m more excited about our second downtime game: Delta Green.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, Delta Green is often summed up as Call of Cthulhu in modern times, many characters are federal agents or ex-military (but don’t have to be) so it’s often also compared to X-Files, but apparently the first version of the game pre-dated the TV show.

Over the past few months I’ve bought most everything for the latest edition that started up in 2016. Previously it drafted completely off of Call of Cthulhu 6th edition rules, but the new edition is a standalone game. I’m most excited about Impossible Landscapes, a huge campaign that starts in the 90s then brings the players forward in time, and have been listening to quite a few podcast playthroughs and video playthroughs of that campaign.

If folks are interested, Arc Dream has a kickstarter that ends in six days that updates the original 90s books and adventures up to the current edition.

The public updates Magpie posted to the Kickstarter tell the story without much reading between the lines (but maybe a little). Completely overwhelmed by the turnout/response, assurances that they’ll get new stretch goals up soon. . . delay. . . further assurances. . . delay. . . saying they’re working with legal to get new goals approved. . . delay. . . minor stretch goal in the exact form of several previous shows up, is immediately met. . . delay. . . saying they’re working with legal to get new goals approved. . . [loop until end of campaign]

In their AMA over on the /r/avatar subreddit, I saw at least one other RPG creator talking about how they’d tried for years to get the license without ever getting responses out of Viacom for their efforts.

I think Nick/Viacom have never quite known what to do with the property, as evidenced by the scheduling weirdness with the original series, the extreme scheduling/renewal fuckery with Korra, the radio silence for years, etc.

I wonder if they are starting to realize how much the fanbase for Avatar/Korra has grown over the years? They’ve really done a crappy job with the license (especially how they handled Korra), though some secondary materials such as the comics have been decent.

I think the huge success of the RPG Kickstarter demonstrates the perfect storm groundswell of original fans and new fans. Avatar is now pervasive in geek culture.

Are there any play throughs that you would recommend? I have an interest.

Agh! You and Syzygy are different people! The avatars! So similar!

In terms of Delta Green generally, RPPR Actual Play has a bunch of great Delta Green content, most notably the God’s Teeth campaign (which is written and GMed by Caleb Stokes, who has since been hired full-time to do DG content and there will be a published version of God’s Teeth coming at some point here). I’m also enjoying Mayday Roleplaying’s “Doomed to Repeat” campaign where a team is brought together to try to assemble a reference archive based on past DG ops, which acts as a framing narrative to have the players bring in one-shot characters to play out those ops. And I’ve heard great things about Pretending to be People, but have yet to listen.

I haven’t personally listened to anyone do Impossible Landscapes but I strongly suspect it is on the agenda at RPPR. the main host, Ross Payton, is both a huge DG fan and a huge Yellow King/Carcosa fan.

It’s worth noting - DG is X-Filesy…but you’re more men in black than you are Mulder or Scully. You are expected to contain and cover up the supernatural threats at any cost.

If anyone is interested in Delta Green, there’s two bundles up on for an absolute ton of DG material in drm-free pdf books. Going for another 8 days or so.


My avatar has 3 eyes and 0 nipples, whereas Syzygy has the standard number of each:

A handy mnemonic I use is that if the total of eyes and nipples is 3 or less, that’s a Rothda. If the sum is 4 or more, then you’ve got a Syzygy.

I’m not sure I’ve ever used the eye-nipple sum to identify individuals before. Thank you for this novel experience, RTT

I think people here know about Stars Without Number so I’ll just say:

I do not, but it looks interesting. Can someone give me an overview/thoughts?

That’s our own @Rod_Humble opining on the Stars that are not quantifiable.

Some good advice for writing con games, whenever cons can be a thing again.

GenCon starts Thursday. My friend Todd runs all Chaosium’s Con stuff, so he’s there right now, double-masking all weekend. I’ll send that to him to lighten his mood.

Thanks for plugging Stars without Number way back when the Revised Edition Kickstarter hit, Bruce. I backed then and it was a good decision. I’m also impressed by Worlds Without Number. No love for that one?

I thought this was an interesting thread – a Paizo insider delivers a vineyard’s worth of sour grapes. The grapes would have been sweet and delicious if not for rotten management.

I don’t know how accurate a lot of that is, but if they really didn’t vacuum their own offices for over seven years, that’s some clownshoes shit.

It tracks with lots of other little dribbles and drabs over the years as people have vented about Paizo bullshit. The bit about not inviting trans employees to cons because they made employees double up and didn’t want to bother figuring it out is such a small but poignant bit of ugh.

Threadreader unroll of 98% (loses Jessica’s last few summation tweets).

Oh don’t get me wrong I backed the double-whammy, Stars and Worlds.