Tabletop RPGs 2021

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A month later and the Paizo employees have responded – they’re unionizing. That’s pretty unusual for an RPG company. Best of luck, guys!


Well I guess I know who has me on ignore! :D

Who said that?

Sorry, I started my post, got involved in something else, and finished it after you posted yours without refreshing the thread.

Slow and steady: doesn’t always win the race!

I hope it goes well for them.

So, can anyone recommend any great Sci-fi adventure modules? I’m about to run a Stars Without Number adventure, this time just for my GF, and while the rules have clear descriptions for how to make adventures based on all the different sectors you make, I’d really love to see how others make Scifi adventures, since I feel they should differ somewhat from Fantasy adventures.

The rulesystem is of little import, since I am merely interested in how people tell scifi adventure stories, and of course, how to tell and run SANDBOX Adventures, something I’ve never tried before.

I’ve purchased Pirates of Drinax (Overkill, but just to read), but that wont get to me for a few weeks, and would really love to get a few PDF’s of good adventures - just to have a base idea of structure and tone that others use!

Was this on DriveThruRPG? Usually you get the pdf included when you order a physical book so you can start reading right away.

No - the store I bought it through (The physical edition) was a part of the Bits & Mortar thing, and I will get the PDF. But - they cant send it to me, before they have the book, and they had to get it from some other place, hence the two weeks delay - but thanks! :-)

Maybe try Scenario Compendium 1 for Coriolis? I can’t vouch for it, but I’ve been intermittently playing through some Symbaroum modules with a group since summer (alternating GM duties) and they’re usually interesting. I’ve GMed a couple of the adventure pack modules (someone else handles the ‘main’ story modules) and they’ve been enjoyable and well structured. Different writers and game system of course, but I imagine the same level of quality control for the Coriolis compendium.

I like this one by a lot of Star Wars alumni. Very much Star Wars with numbers filed off.

Thanks @ImaTarget - I’ve wishlisted it on Drivethru!

I have the core rulebook, but havent’ read it yet. Thats not a bad suggestion either - Free League are really hitting it out of the park these days.

How are you finding the treasure hunting and exploration rules? I really enjoy them on paper, but have only run one game with players, and, well, since it was the first time, it felt a little bit clunky. Combat was DEADLY though! The setting is incredible as well.

It’s funny you mention this, because I had some frustrations with these rules for one of the modules I GMed. The combat and setting are so well considered and fleshed out—and yes, excellent—I found it odd that more time wasn’t spent in the rules talking about, for example, overland travel since a big part of this game is organizing expeditions. You could hand wave it all away and start the adventure at the site, but for the group I’m playing with, one of the appeals is managing an adventuring company and planning the expeditions so that doesn’t quite work for us. Plus, thematically it makes less sense because so much of the setting is based around the idea of adventuring through a dangerous forest to get to even more dangerous ruins. And the combat itself is so fast and brutal the game would probably be over in 30-45 minutes without the expedition part. Also, the treasure rules often payout so much money that it’s hard to find things to spend it on without doing the outfitting-for-the-expedition parts. The ‘head’ GM of my group didn’t have any good answers either because he’s handling the Throne of Thorns story cycle for us and we haven’t needed to worry about it so far. I made it through eventually, but prepping for it was more time consuming than I wanted it to be.

But, I know that the exploration and adventuring rules are detailed more extensively in the Mother of Darkness book, so there are rules out there. Unfortunately, I didn’t know that at the time and that’s the fourth part of the story cycle and my group are still in the second book (I believe we were between the first and second at the time). Still, I might jump ahead to it if I have to GM another adventure pack module or standalone adventure before we get there.

Wtf is this pls

Read that Wired piece about TTRPG companies.

Really disappointing to hear. The same kind of muck you heard video game developers doing, especially at places like Blizzard, where you take a pay cut to work for the developer of your dreams.

Glad they have decided on a union though, I really hope it makes happier workers and better games!

I think it is an atmospheric Tabletop adventure set in the world of Cultist Simulator. Which is itself a neat and innovative game that contains 10 hours of pure beauty and 20 hours of increasingly boring grind.

And is the primary creation of an accused sexual predator (Cultist Simulator and the world thereof, at least - dunno about the tabletop RPG). :/

I backed Cultist Simulator before any of that came out, but it doesn’t make me want to support The Lady Afterwards or their next videogame project, as much as I love the setting and writing and art.

Yeah, they are my problematic fave. The terrible thing is I’m not sure you get a Cultist Simulator without a messed up creator. Like when the news came out about Weather Factory I was like “yeah, that makes sense.”

Tonight, Campaign 3 of Critical Role begins at 7PM PST (10PM EST)! What will Matt and the gang do this time? I have no idea! I can’t make myself even pretend to want to get through the early episodes of campaigns 1 or 2. But this time, I could watch as part of the zeitgeist, and if anything out there can motivate me to do shit, it’s FOMO!

Or you could follow an actual play with a more exciting game system and more interesting stories. :P

I’m sure CR is fine but, yeah, bounced right the hell off campaign 1 and ultimately was like “I guess I could try to force myself to get into a D&D-ass D&D podcast that generates 4+ hours of content every week I’d have to find time for…or hey, these people are doing Masks, and these people are doing Numenera, and these people are doing Blades in the Dark, and these 17 different groups are doing Call of Cthulhu or Delta Green, and…” Or there’s the one where the host plays 2 player RPGs with a whole host of cool folks, or…

I mean, yes, D&D bores me to absolute tears at this point, but also, I just generally find actual plays incredibly trying on my patience to begin with. CR is one of a tiny number featuring a cast who is almost universally likeable and charismatic enough that I don’t mind staring at their faces for 4 hours a week (and audio-only content is a total nonstarter; my aphantasia makes it impossible to enjoy or even understand, frequently).