Tabletop RPGs 2021


My avatar has 3 eyes and 0 nipples, whereas Syzygy has the standard number of each:

A handy mnemonic I use is that if the total of eyes and nipples is 3 or less, that’s a Rothda. If the sum is 4 or more, then you’ve got a Syzygy.

I’m not sure I’ve ever used the eye-nipple sum to identify individuals before. Thank you for this novel experience, RTT

I think people here know about Stars Without Number so I’ll just say:

I do not, but it looks interesting. Can someone give me an overview/thoughts?

That’s our own @Rod_Humble opining on the Stars that are not quantifiable.

Some good advice for writing con games, whenever cons can be a thing again.

GenCon starts Thursday. My friend Todd runs all Chaosium’s Con stuff, so he’s there right now, double-masking all weekend. I’ll send that to him to lighten his mood.

Thanks for plugging Stars without Number way back when the Revised Edition Kickstarter hit, Bruce. I backed then and it was a good decision. I’m also impressed by Worlds Without Number. No love for that one?

I thought this was an interesting thread – a Paizo insider delivers a vineyard’s worth of sour grapes. The grapes would have been sweet and delicious if not for rotten management.

I don’t know how accurate a lot of that is, but if they really didn’t vacuum their own offices for over seven years, that’s some clownshoes shit.

It tracks with lots of other little dribbles and drabs over the years as people have vented about Paizo bullshit. The bit about not inviting trans employees to cons because they made employees double up and didn’t want to bother figuring it out is such a small but poignant bit of ugh.

Threadreader unroll of 98% (loses Jessica’s last few summation tweets).

Oh don’t get me wrong I backed the double-whammy, Stars and Worlds.

Pursuant to our earlier discussion, Lumpley Games’ Under Hollow Hills has been released. The pdf is out now, physical books coming soon. The only place to currently buy it is a site called Payhip? Lumpley Games is a frustrating company because their stuff is spread out seemingly randomly across a half dozen sites: DTRPG, Indie Press Revolution,, payhip, their own older site, etc. Perhaps this will come to another? Perhaps not?

Seems like they’ve moved a lot of their content there, at least. Vincent’s running a Q&A in the comments of a new post on their main site, though, so you could probably ask.

Eh, I bought it there. I try to get most of my stuff via DTRPG or itch, since I already have collections there, but I really don’t care, since I just have them all stored on my OneDrive, anyway (and also I get annoyed by the anti-Epic Games Store folks complaining that they just want it in their Steam Library, Dammit, and I would hate to sound like them).

I think their current site is the main spot, because among other things Vincent and other family members put out a lot of smaller material through Patreon and such and those probably don’t make sense as releases on big markets. I’m not quite sure what the rhyme or reason is behind using itch/DTRPG/Payhip/etc is. Maybe there’s more of a process getting onto some things, or a better cut on Payhip, or something? Definitely worth asking - he’s super approachable. Heck, when I linked my Patreon and Discord accounts I got subbed to the Lumpley Games Discord and can confirm Vincent and Meguey both hang out there and just casually chat pretty much whenever. Plus at least a couple of their kids.

Saw a mention of @BiggerBoat 's Ironsworn (which I have, but haven’t played much yet) over on Steam! Thought it was cool to see a mention of this in the real world and the post even talked about how popular it was! Yay! So popular that the kid (I assume based on the writing) mentioned using a hacked version to play GMless with his friend. Boo!

Why Boo? Irosnworn is the gold standard for solo RPG or GM less RPG around!

Hacked? That’s weird. Unless I’m misremembering, the full Ironsworn pdf is free, right?