Tabletop RPGs in 2018

Big congrats to @BiggerBoat!!!

Ironsworn takes home an ENnies!

Thanks Armando! It’s honestly pretty surreal. Definitely tops the participation ribbon I got in 5th grade for sports camp.

Wow, congratulations! I hadn’t heard of Ironsworn until now (don’t keep up on this thread). It looks awesome!

In other news, I can’t believe Chaosium is still milking Masks of Nyarlathotep!

I’m just glad I wasn’t up against Chasoium in my nominated categories.

This is fantastic, congratulations on the Ennie! Well deserved.

I guess this means at least another decade of “kind of Lovecraftian or something” gaming is on the horizon.

Congrats on the award, @BiggerBoat. Writing a 270-page rulebook for free is impressive dedication. I’ll be checking it out for sure.

To be fair, I don’t think I’ve run a better campaign than that one in the past 30 years.

Somehow I’ve made myself the Critic of Cthulhu lately…

I just looked at the new edition of Masks and, okay, they clearly put a lot of work into that new production. I own two different editions of it, but none of them look like that.

It’s ok I won’t hold it against you! ;)

He didn’t design Tunnels & Trolls. But he published it. RIP

That’s too bad. I fondly remember the Nuclear War games from when I was a teen. An article appeared in our local paper about the game store where the group I gamed with played, and there was a picture of me playing Nuclear War. I got asked about that at Sunday school that week.

Oh no. I saw that Bundle of Holding was doing a benefit bundle because he was sick, but I guess he was doing worse than expected.

I picked up Blades in the Dark a while ago. It had a cool setting and was a rules light. fast paced, narrative based rpg. I tend to like a little more structure than the narratively focused rulesets generally provide but they seem so easy to just get going.

A little later I was pleasantly surprised to find Blades in the Dark had a sci fi cousin, Scum and Villainy.

And now I just ordered a third game using that engine, Band of Blades.

So, I might be coming around on these new fangled rpg designs. Shoot, I really appreciate Fate Core and even picked up Tachyon Squadron.

Any other games in this vein out there? Like I said I like a little structure but rules light is as plus. What has everyone been playing/reading lately?

If you enjoy Blades in the Dark, it’s heavily influenced by Apocalypse World, which has spawned a whole bunch of more direct hacks like Masks, Monsterhearts, Fellowship, Monster of the Week, Urban Shadows, The Sprawl, and, well: (some of these games are more directly based on Apocalypse World’s design than others). Dungeon World is the most famous but I think has some issues due to trying to straddle the line between D&D and PBTA. Still fun, though.

(Also man, backing Blades in the Dark was great value - all three of those games were included for backers in PDF format, and there’s another several games in the works as well.)

I guess this is a thing that exists:

Has anyone played Legacy: Life Among the Ruins? Currently on bundleofholding and sounds interesting.

Holy Shit that is awesome. I have a friend who needs that, asap.

Yes. It’s very crunchy for PbtA due to it being several games in one but well worth it for the ideas alone. It does need some serious commitment by all participants, it’s not a one shot game though.

I suspect this is going to be way too introductory for the old hands in this thread.

I’ve participated in 2-3 DnD campaigns total in the 80ies and 90ies. In other words, I know very little about it.

I’ve purchased the recently released DnD Essentials kit with a view to try running an adventure with my daughter who is really keen to play and possibly my wife.

One of my friends recommended these series by Matthew Colville on learning to run the game and become a better DM. The video series goes into various topics like creating a simple adventure, running it, dealing with the various situations players will encounter, what the player archetypes are and how to engage them and so on…

I found the first few videos short enough to consume easily and very engaging. So I thought I’d share in case anyone else is interested.

As a gigantic Fate Core proponent, I’m super glad to hear that!

At GenCon, I got to test out ***Masks***, a teen superheroes RPG using the Powered By the Apocalypse rules that’s very light and very fun, so long as you dig interpersonal drama in your comics storytelling. I also go to play ***Monster of the Week***, another rules-light PBTA game molded in the vein of Supernatural, X-Files, and similar paranormal/supernatural investigation adventures. I also finally got to play ***Bulldogs***, another Fate-powered scifi title, though that one is more classic space opera (and the default campaign mode is basically Futurama the RPG, which is hella fun). At a local RPG mini-con I organized, Tales of the Crimson Boar, I got to play the multi-one-pager RPG The Sundered Land which was very strange but also kind of delightful.

I also recently read through ***Ribbon Drive***, a super rules-light storygame where most of the core mechanics, such as they are, are based off of playlists that each player brings to the table with them. It’s a game of roadtrips, where you create characters based on the songs you hear and the music dictates the mood of each scene as your characters overcome unexpected obstacles and learn to let go of their worries and fears and just live in the moment. It’s very evocative, but for sure not for everyone.

I also recently made a little one-page RPG in the vein of Honey Heist and Lasers & Feelings called Party of Bards, which is about forming a party of classic bards for madcap musical adventures and murderhobous mayhem. I’d love it if you checked it out :-D