Tabletop RPGs in 2018


Not exactly. Wizards of the Coast put Against The Giants in the “Tales of the Yawning Portal” hardcover. Like these Goodman Games books, that book revamped a half-dozen or so adventures for 5e.

They didn’t have the same aims, though. For instance, this version of Against The Giants didn’t bother to scan and include the original module, untouched. WotC isn’t necessarily trying to pull on long-time gamers’ heartstrings. I think they just wanted to provide shorter adventures, a niche which hadn’t been filled by their 5e print offerings.



Bah, just for 5e, though? Meh. Isn’t 5e terrible? Paging @ArmandoPenblade


Nope, it is great. The feel of AD&D 2e combined with the good mechanical lessons learned from 3e and 4e.


Does this constitute an offer to DM these? Cause if so, I want in.


No, that’s the 4e.

I still prefer 3.0, or maybe 3.5 though. Everything since has been pointless. The 5th edition stuff is really high quality though - love the artwork.

And I’ll always be biased in favor of 1st Edition AD&D, since that’s probably the only version I’ll ever play as a tabletop game. I wish it had the clarity of rules that the 3rd Edition does, however.


I agree with Jorn, 5E is solid. I’m one of those weirdos who actually enjoyed 4E for what it was. But I didn’t mind 5E at all, and like it significantly more than what 3rd/3.5/Pathfinder eventually morphed into (and which I still suffer from GM PTSD thanks to).

It’s fairly clean and fast, includes a few good modern story-game type mechanics (mechanical benefits for playing up character flaws and beliefs), manages to stuff in all sorts of classic flavor (albeit updated, sometimes), and does some really neat things with the in-game math that mean that there are more and (to me, at least) more interesting ways to challenge players over the course of the mythical 1-20 campaign.

It’s not perfect, and if you’re looking for a game with ludicrously in-depth customization, extremely explicit and clean rules-boundaries, or newfangled mechanics, this ain’t really it. But it’s a lovely revamp of the classic game featuring some of the best elements from the last several major iterations. I enjoy it a lot when I am rarely seeking d20-style gaming.


Yep, everything @ArmandoPenblade says is 100% factually correct. All the benefits of 2e/3e/4e with few (if any) of the disadvantages.

Also queue the Dungeon Bastard video on why edition wars are stupid.


I’ll third that response. I haven’t liked D&D this much since I first got into it in 2nd edition. 5th is great!


To expand a bit on the “not super explicit rules,” 5E returns to a very OD&D/AD&D “feel” for some spells and effects, where the description in the rules text is very narrative, or at the very least, shies away from using tons of super clearly defined game-terms/mechanics to describe every single thing.

Which has the end result of a moderate amount of GM interpretation to figure out how some of that stuff really functions in-game. Not an obscene amount, and it really is mostly restricted to spells and some abilities from my fairly limited experience running 5E, but it’s worth noting that it is not going for 4E’s Wargame/Boardgame-as-RPG hyper-specificity.


Thanks for the explanation. What I don’t have an explanation for is why I’m looking at buying all the 5e D&D books right now.


Because you are a game hoarder collector and have a problem really love your hobby.

Pat thinks about buying a seventh copy of Vietnam 1965-1975, in case alien moths eat the other six…


Have you seen that Mockman artist’s maps of classic modules, strung into an AAR narrative form like Billy running around the Family Circus Sunday edition? Here is his Isle of Dread:

The guy sells prints of his maps here

though many of them are available here and there around the World Wide Web.


OMGWTF!! The Against the Giants one is going straight into the second floor of the library in the new house. Thanks for the tip!


I mean to comment last night. This was marvelous. I read it three times. Then spent money.


I posted about them in one of the threads here- there’s a whole awesome series of them- do a search online, I find a Reddit thread listing all of them in hi res.


/me wants to see pics of Dr. Brooski’s multi-floor library. The Eastern Front wing must be a sight to behold.


Can confirm, old library was impressive. Upsizing would make it rival a small town municipal library.

Just with more Yalta and less Young Adult.


New house has two-floor library with built-in bookshelves and a spiral staircase that goes up to the second floor which has a balcony that looks out onto the first floor. If people really want pics I will send them when I have it set up.

New house also has an indoor pool. @CraigM, it also has a large room for gaming where we can play War of the Ring.

We close next month.


Yes please, that sounds glorious. My wife and I would love to have a room (that is, one room) that’s big enough to house all our books.


Man, when I get back to town next month we really should. It’s high on my list of ‘I need to try it’

Plus your copy is gorgeous. The white tree of Gondor shields, the horse head of the Rohirrim, there’s something magical about seeing them like that.