Tabletop RPGs in 2024 - Everything but D&D

I cannot say too many good things about this RuneQuest bundle. It’s totally worth it just for the gigantic 2-volume Guide to Glorantha which is probably the most intricate and complete setting guide for any TTRPG ever made.

I first saw Salvage Union played at a convention when the creators were developing it. I remember how approachable it looked and everybody at the table having a whale of a time.

Then I joined an online game with one of the writers and the trip through irradiated lands and deadly tunnels to reach a fallen meteorite was great fun too.

So I also had to order the hardcover and I currently have those scenarios on PDF. My daughter immediately appropriated the book as she loves the look of it. Not sure which one of us will run it for friends first.

If you do play it, I’m looking forward to hearing how it went.

Working my way through the PDFs now. I went all in, since the adventures have extra mechs and modules, notably biological mechs, nanite goo mechs, and rogue AI ones.

The background as implied by the mechanics is great. You get a mobile home (the salvage crawler) where you can store stuff and rest and recuperate (no more murderhoboing!), the premise is so bloody awesome that I would be hard-pressed to come up with a better one (anarcho-syndicalist commune building and upgrading a walking city while using home-built mecha to salvage the wastes and fight corporations), and the player-facing mechanics are very simple.

I’ve read the blogs and understand what they were going for. For the player, it’s all very manageable, as you only have to deal with a handfull of abilities/systems/modules at a time. The GM has a slightly harder time, since there’s soooo much cool stuff to throw around, but it’s not that bad. I particularly like the approach that players can basically build/steal/salvage anything the game throws at them, up to and including things like biological mecha.

Mechanically, it seems not that exciting - dice rolls seem more like oracles, but I like that the rules are super simple.
I recall having a rather fancy calculator around back when the Mekton Z Tech Manual launched, to do the required math quickly at the table. Or having to double-check player designs that way. I’ve grown to loathe systems like that.
In comparison, the construction rules in Salvage Union are dead simple. It’s mecha lego - see if you have enough space for cool thing X, check if you have enough bricks (salvage), and slap in on during downtime.

If I get to play it, it’ll likely more of a storybuilding exercise, powered by dice, my local LLM and some good old imagination, so it’d be hardly worth writing about. But man, I do dig the package. It’s neat. Hell, even the character sheets are super neat.

I’ve been playing Dragonbane solo and as a result I’ve been checking out some youtubers streaming themselves playing Dragonbane solo. And I was watching a live stream of one such game yesterday (Sunday) and some guy in the chat channel went by the name @tomchick! Tom – are you playing Dragonbane?

Meanwhile, I have a question regarding Roll20. I have a free account, and I noticed that on DriveThruRPG they have (on sale) the Roll20 conversion of Dragonbane seriously marked down (in a bundle with the game’s pdfs). Is that conversion something that I could use with my free account, or would that require a subscription?

Nope, but that was indeed me watching Thomas play! As you probably know, he usually streams solo boardgames, but he also dabbles in solo RPGing. I watched him playing that solitaire scenario (I think it’s called Alone in Dragonbane Deep in something? Is that what you’re playing?), but I don’t think it’s for me.

What is for me – and what will justify this post in this thread : ) – is something I recently print-and-played from way back in the olden times of 2009 called Epic Solitaire Notepad Adventure. It’s a sort of tabletop RPG rogue-like played with a notepad and a set of 20 randomizer cards you have to print out (easy enough to print on normal paper, cut down to size, slide in card sleeves). It was made Scott Slomiany, the same guy who invented Pocket Civ, which is a brilliant print-and-play strategy game. I’ve even been sort of trying to rework the Epic Solitaire Notepad Adventure rules, which are a bit, uh…loose. There’s a rework of ESNA available on BGG, but even that misses the mark in a couple of ways.

Yup, that’s what I’m playing. Its called Alone in Deepfall Breach (you were close) and it is co-written by Shawn Tomkin of Ironsworn/Starforged fame and aka Qt3’s @BiggerBoat. It is less structured that the Ironsworn system and I’ve been struggling with that – as GM I’m very hard on my characters, who keep dying. I also struggle with creating situations that are not simply ‘fight the baddies,’ though I’m getting better at that lately by making better use of the destination charts in the solo supplement. But those struggles are why I’ve been checking out the youtubers!

Speaking of solo games, the sequel to Thousand Year Old Vampire was announced today. Coming to backerkit in August. There’s a teaser page up for it now. Note it isn’t 500 Year Old Vampire- that was a knock-off project earlier this year from someone else. This is So, You’ve Met a Thousand Year Old Vampire.

Anyway, here’s the link.

Thanks for that link! I own the original though honestly have only read it and admired it, never actually played it.

600 pages! Yikes!

Monte Cook Games announced a Starter Set for Cypher System.

Humble bundle has a huge package of Pathfinder 1E supplements from Kobold Press and Frog God games. $25 for 74 items, or you can bump it another $25 and get part 1 of the collection that they did back in April which is another 69 items. I’m not sure how much of it is worthwhile, but there is a lot there.