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As the wizard, I was ecstatic to find that some thieves’ tools turned up in my backpack. I’m ready to loot!

We’ll get the bastard next time…he can’t run forever.

If anyone’s up for something this weekend, give a shout.

I’d be up for something on Sunday.

Are we friends on Steam yet?

Not sure. Send me an invite. Same nickname.

So, I’m about to recreate the game state of an IRL PACG campaign. Any tips to make the process a bit less painful? And any mods/custom models other than a dice tower I should be using?

The PACG module seems to have a pretty good representation of all the game elements. Not sure how familiar you are with the TS interface, but you can use Cntl-C, Cntl-V, Delete key, etc to copy/paste/delete board elements at will. One you have your board setup, feel free to delete out any items you won’t need during your play session. You can also re-size any objects by highlighting them and then pressing +/- until they are the size you find preferable. I think a couple dice tray’s in opposite corners of the table would work better than a dice tower for this game.

I have a PACG Skulls and Shackles setup ready for the first Scenario saved.
Someone uploaded it yesterday and did an awesome job with the components.

Did they take down the Firefly game mod? I don’t see it on Steam Workshop any longer.

Looks like. But internet stronk.

Awesome, thanks

TTS gets an official Darkest Night DLC! They seem to be slowly adding some pretty cool games.

I’ve been playing Mage Knight on this, and it works ridiculously well. I don’t have to spend time setting everything up and shuffling decks… And instead my time is spent trying to remember all the rules!

What a great program. Thinking of trying Dark Souls, Spirit Island and This War of Mine

Never having to shuffle 80 decks of cards to set up Arkham or Eldritch Horror again makes TTS the best $20 I ever spent.

Wow, this looks nice!

Sadly, I only know how to play lame old board games.


Just grabbed this for lock down, any must haves.

At times there will be me and the wife as well as 9 and 13 year olds.


Have a look here:

I’ve played a lot of Pathfinder ACG on there, or did before the iPad app came out.

Search for the game you want to play on the Workshop and then find the best and most complete mod for that game.

There’s some amazing scripted mods out there, but, as with anything user-generated, there’s a lot of half-assedness too.

If you want to play the Arkham LCG at all, the TTS mod is better than most commercial games. Might be too heavy of a game for the 9 year old though.