Tabula Rasa Beta

How can something so Wong feel so right?

2.5 gigs.

Are we feeling like a Qt3 clan?

When are we not?

I’m #in the game industry’ but I’m hardly going to steal ideas from an MMO. That would be a real suck-ass reason to turn me down (I didnt apply to this, but I did to I’d imagine industry insiders could be good beta players, I can certainly give pretty precise QA feedback on a game I play.

I applied, but did not receive. I can’t wait to learn more about the game.

I’m Javina Merrick and Egon Merrick if anyone wants to add me to their friends list (all of your characters must have the same last name).

This is the elves with laser pistols game right? I would be interested to see how it turns out and if there is really any new game play there.

Agh, today starts the Closed Beta with limited play times and we can’t play whenever we want =/.

"North America Testers:

Tuesday/Thursday 5pm - 2am Central
Weekend - Friday 5pm to Monday morning 2 am Central.

Europe Testers:

Monday/Wednesday 5pm - 2am BST
Weekend Friday 5pm to Monday morning 2 am BST.

Please note EU playsessions do not begin until May 2nd."


In the future, all times will be given in obscure time zones that nobody lives in.

Didn’t Auto Assault, another NCsoft MMO, have the same kind of wacky restricted play times during the beta?


(I woul never use two exclamation points, but the board software demands it)

I can’t remember if I applied for this or not.

It’s not that whacky, you still get two days a week and the whole weekend.

— Alan

I applied but didn’t get in. So I’m not breaking any NDAs. Have fun you lucky bastards who got it.

Guild wars did the same thing, and I never understood it. The whole point of a beta program is to test the title in an environment as congruent as possible to live production, where it’ll be available 24/7. What if you have a memory leak that crashes a worldserver when one character farms 10,000 cyberelves in a single sitting? You’ll never know.

well said. WTF is all this? Can we have everything in GMT? the time system thats existed for a zillion years, and which makes sense for me?

Thanks :D

Is this YADM (Yet Another DikuMud), or something to actually be interested in?

I think the idea is to ramp up to a number rather than have everything explode in your face at once. Plus there will be a lot of downtime either way; instead of not knowing when to tell people the server will be down, you tell them when you know it’ll be down and when it’ll be up (theoretically).

— Alan

It’s not a DikuMUD. It’s not a shooter. It has elements of both. There’s still dice rolling for combat behind the scenes, but the engine takes things like cover into account.

It’s not fantasy; it’s going for a very visceral “charge into the alien base with a huge freakin’ gun and kill things” feel. People who’ve seen it the past couple of E3s were favorably impressed.

(Disclaimer: I work for NC but the TR team is down the hall.)

I like it a lot so far and want to go back in. Damned restrictive hours.

I have reason to believe that another round of beta invitations has been sent out.