Tabula Rasa Deathwatch

I played Tablua Rasa for a couple of months and really enjoyed my time with it, but no MMO has held my attention past that amount of time and RGTR was no different. I thought it had some great ideas and loved getting and customizing new weapons and armor. I also liked the more action packed nature of combat and the constant invasions of the cities that needed to be fought off. Hell, talking about it makes me want to give it another go, but with WAR coming out very soon I’m just going to wait on that.

I was in the beta. The game looked poor especially given it’s poor performance. Very unpolished, very poor direction for a newb after you leave the tutorial, combat was nothing much different from WOW (except you had to have the cursor on the enemy). Environments were not interesting. I really have nothing good to say about it which is a damn shame because I would have liked for it to kick ass. I’m ready for a new MMORPG experice that isn’t DikuMUD based.

Pretty boring game, all in all. I went back to WoW after trying the late beta

The game was shit.
I was in beta as well.
Saw these cut-out bush graphics and then I discovered that money was useless besides buying ammo.
I lol’d and was back to WoW.

WTF? No official forums? Even Hellgate had official forums. That’s just sad.

No forum would do it for me as well. That’s a bad sign.

I guess. Perhaps it is a fun idea…but Imperator wasn’t it. That was PVE Romans in space, and bleah.

That’s only if there is any scent of realism, which there isn’t in any MMO anyway. This is just “space fantasy” like Star Wars, not actual science fiction.

Anyhow, if TR’s worst problem was that the power curve didn’t make sense in the milieu, they’d have a million players, including me.

I kind of liked the milieu idea there, because it gave a lot of context for story and roleplaying. For story and characters they could do whatever they wanted, but with a fluff background that is easy to crib details from, and easy for random players to read about if they want to. But of course the game’s quality would have really depended on content and gameplay as usual.

I would assign ‘lack of quality’ to that. The cookie cutter ‘missions’ come readily to mind, but there are other reasons.

NCSoft’s refusal to host forums for the game was inexcusable to me; it was just too difficult to figure out where the developers were headed.


Anyway, what’s with Diku showing up in all these MMO threads lately? Is there some campaign to re-ignite the old ‘Everquest stole Diku’ controversy?

It always saddens me when giants fall.
Even they have none to blame but themselves, these be the people who were part of making the industry what it is today and when they fall it is bad for the industry as a whole (which is to say that they should take even greater care in their business dealings as they are representative icons of the industry and reflect upon it) you just know the nay sayers are going to pop up their ugly heads and the investors are going to start squinting a quirky eye at the sight of an indie asking for funding.
And then I take heart for all the poor devs who need to start jumping ship to find food for their families and pay the rent.

It sucks. It sucks big.

On a more personal note, I’d be interested from the gameplay-pan to hear what you guys thought were the good points of TR; AKA good ideas worth [strike]stealing[/strike] mimicing in future designs.

Ironically, when Imperator showed at E3, it was compared unfavorably with Tabula Rasa.

It’s a descriptive term for games that have level-based class-based D&D style combat mechanics, which to date have been so successful they have dominated MMO design. Everquest was heavily inspired by Brad McQuaid’s favorite DikuMUD (Sojourn). DAOC, in addition to being heavily inspired by Everquest, was a direct code descendent of DikuMUDs Mythic ran in the 1990s. World of Warcraft was heavily inspired by both Everquest and DAOC. Warhammer was heavily inspired by both DAOC and World of Warcraft. And so it goes.

That’s because the TR shown at the time was a unique design with an interesting world. Then for some reason they scrapped the entire thing and went with the dystopian aliens vs. struggling mankind cliche, gritty tech and tough heroine included.

In retrospect, Imperator would have done better than incarnation 2 of TR.

Incarnation 2 of TR was showing at that E3 (it was its debut). Incarnation 1 of TR was… somewhat unpopular with most.

Also, even if Imperator had done 4 times the subscribers of TR, it would still have been a studio-ending failure for Mythic. Warhammer was the safer, better choice.

It just seems like people are summoning the spirit of Diku to complain to explain why they don’t like MMOs, and simultaneously point out the depth of their gaming history. It’s jarring because the comparison doesn’t apply. Silly.

Ah, my bad. I didn’t really check before posting. I think the first incarnation had more support than NCSoft imagined. I really don’t think they polled the right audience and based their judgement to scrap the design on faulty information.

In retrospect, going with the original TR would have been the best choice. It’s a flop anyway.

Really dumb name too.

So NCSoft is really Guild Wars and CoH. Everything else has been a disappointment in the North American market, from what I can tell.

No, they’re noting just how little the gameplay model for the dominant form of MMO has evolved. Are you going to complain about people referring to Diablo-ish games as “roguelike” now?

Yeah, like I said. Silly.

No, I saw TR1 and it was a bloody mess. It was almost what would happen if a Japanese game designer got a head full of acid and designed a game. It was one of the rare game presentations I left the room scratching my head trying to figure out what I’d seen.

My notes from that session were about as decipherable as Hunter Thompson’s Fear and Loathing notes. I didn’t get the feeling even Star and … I forget her name … even had a clue about the game.