Tachyon - worth finding/playing?

Has anyone played Tachyon ? Is it worth finding ?

What little I played, I enjoyed. Bruce Campbell does the voice work for the main character, so that’s a nice perk. The missions and story were interesting enough, though I kinda missed the freeform element found in the Privateer games.

A word of warning…
My old flightstick died on me early in the game. I bought a Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 and apparently it’s not compatible with Tachyon. By not compatible I mean the goddamn thing shakes across the desk as soon as you boot up the game. There’s no way to turn off Force Feedback and Novalogic said they weren’t going to issue a patch.

I didn’t like it much. It’s mission based if I remember correctly, but it didn’t seem to have the open-ended feel of Privateer.

I’d say pass unless you are a huge fan of the genre. I think that X-Beyond the Frontier is a better game, but then again, I’m partial to economic games.

I tried Tachyon once and got pissed off at that long hyperspace animation that was exactly the same every time that you would watch something like six times per mission (due to an excess of hyperspace jumps). Maybe there is a way to skip this?

I played through both campaigns and I enjoyed them. The arena missions are fun. It’s like Solaris VII (or whatever the number is) in the Battletech universe. Some of the end missions got a little ridiculous, as in you are the only one left strafing big capital ships after all your wingmen bite the dust, but other than that it was pretty well done.

The “slide” approach to maneuvering is nice for something a little different. Basically you have a key/button mapped so that when you hold it down, you pivot but don’t change your velocity vector (even if you stay at full throttle). You can also hold it intermittently to achieve a sort of powerslide effect. Some of the ships do this anyway if you just turn hard (like in some Wing Commander ships). The lasers fire really slowly (compared to the Star Wars or Freespace games), so good gunnery skills are important. There’s a pretty good variety of weapons and modification modules (things like lead computing sights, extra afterburner capacity, etc).

Bruce Campell does a good job voicing your character as well.

It was a fun game. As I recall it was also rather brief. You’d have to be a big fan of Bruce Campbell to search for it at this late date, but if you trip over it someplace, you might boot it up.

I can’t think of a single space sim that isn’t better than Tachyon, so you better be a Bruce Campbell fan, but it isn’t terrible. The flight engine is pretty rudimentary, however, and enemy AI is as bad as it gets.

I also had the problem with ForceFeedback joysticks, which I think I finally just resolved by using an older joystick.

X-Com Interceptor?

Bang! Gunship Elite?

Ares Rising

Oh my god. Actual quote from that game: “This is for what you did to Cartman!”

Yeah, a space sim that references South Park, how edgy…

Oh I sure can:

  1. Darklight Conflict
  2. Fragile Allegiance
  3. Frontier: First Encounters

Seriously, Tachyon is pretty good, but there’s been better as well.

And for overlooked space sims, Hardwar, though it’s a planetary spacecraft war game.

Okay, due to the strange grammatical construction of Desslock’s original post, this is getting confusing.

Are you saying Hardwar is worse than Tachyon, or better?

Heh, better than Tachyon, which I think it is.

But others here raised some good examples – X-COM Interceptor is a good call, as a worse game. I’d rank Darklight Conflict higher than Tachyon, at least judged at the time it was released.

FA and Frontier:FE are other good calls from Veloxi (as bad games).

But it shows the sad state of the genre if Tachyon is considered relatively good.

I have to agree with this. Within the last few years, the best space sims that have been released were X, Freespace 2, and Independence War II. Others, such as Tachyon or Terminus were let downs in my opinion, and besides these, the pickings have been incredibly slim. Luckily we also have great sims such as Starshatter or Star Wraith from smaller developers.

Oh I sure can:

  1. Darklight Conflict
  2. Fragile Allegiance
  3. Frontier: First Encounters

Seriously, Tachyon is pretty good, but there’s been better as well.[/quote]

Nobody disses the Darklight and lives…

As for the other two - yeck…

You think? I personally found the game boring as all hell. Sure, it was pretty, but profoundly dull. But I GUESS you could say it was better than Bang! Gunship Elite or Last Dynasty (yuck!). ;)

“I need an old priest and a young priest”
“Servants of Satan, leave this joystick! The power of Christ commands you! The power of Christ commands you!” :)

I am definitely getting StarShatter. I really enjoyed the demo. Is it released yet ?