Tactical Deception - turn based like Shadow watch?

Since I read a lot of posts about Shadow watch on this forum, what’s your take on this?

Developer site:


Small Croatian team, looks like. They don’t call out Shadow Watch (I guess I can’t blame them–who remembers it besides a few of us here?), but it sure does have the SW look. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

Also, I notice it includes that important tractor-related content, just like Shadow Watch:

It’s tractors all the way down.

Even more tractors.

Anyhow, I’m the developer behind this project (in my spare time). Kind-a nostalgic for old tactical games like Shadow Wactch, XCom, Jagged Alliance.
Started as a joke, but it kind-a build up through years.

I would really appreciate, if anybody would like to share some opinions about what stuff are missing from the new turn based games?

For me would be:

  • I’m missing the good old stealth component. 90 degree visibility per character
  • If the character is near enemy, the chance of shooting is 100% (99% and missing shoot is so annoying)
  • Too much diversity of customizing characters. Then its difficult to balance the game
  • Running across half of the map
  • Timer component (you have X turns to do a objective)

I know I’m the minority of tactical gamers who think so after all :D

I love this. Mario + Rabbids had a 0%, 50% or 100% chance to hit, nothing in between, and it took so much of the sting out of the percentages, and I say this as a Chaos Reborn player! :-)

Yeah, I tend to prefer lighter character customisation so there are still options but it doesn’t become a chore between fights. SteamWorld Heist, Into the Breach and Invisible Inc. are good examples of the balance being just right for me.

I kinda prefer simpler systems like Shadowrun or Blackguards. d20 is too much material to remember.